20 Years Deep

Since 2003, our home high in the mountains of Colorado has influenced every aspect of our work. We are dedicated to creating exceptional products that allow our customers to get the most out of every single day in the mountains.

At Liberty, Details Matter

What matters to us is the high quality of our products, personal connections with the shops that carry them, and being trusted by the skiers that ride them. We take our craft very seriously, but never ourselves.

Colorado Owned and Operated Since ‘03

For 20 years, we have been independently owned and operated, so we can always stay true to what matters. Here’s some of what matters to us:

Making the the best skis in the industry and holding them to highest standards of durability and feel.

Supporting the local businesses that carry our products.

Being trusted by skiers from the furthest reaches of the backcountry, to world cup podiums, and your local ski resort.

Our Team


Dan Chalfant

CEO & Founder


James Satloff

Chairman & Founder


Chris Sears

COO & Partner


Tim Dyer

North American Sales Manager


Austin Coll

Graphic & U/X Designer


Jake Latassa

Marketing & Team Manager



HQ Director of Attitude