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The Bold and the Beautiful: Liberty Skis for Colorado's Groomed Terrain

In the vibrant Colorado ski scene, the right skis make all the difference between a good day and a great one on the state’s meticulously groomed slopes. Liberty Skis presents a lineup designed to conquer this terrain with power and grace, from the versatile Origin 106, loved for its all-mountain performance, to the precise and nimble Evolv 90, tailored for those groomer-dominated ski days. Whether you’re an aggressive skier looking to push your limits or a versatile rider craving adaptability across conditions, Liberty Skis’ 2024 collection ensures every carved turn is as bold and beautiful as the landscapes they're inspired by.

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Maximization of Performance with Evolv 100 - 2024

Conquering Colorado's Groomed Slopes

For those who seek to dominate the groomed trails of Colorado's diverse mountains, the Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024 presents itself as a masterful choice. The Evolv 100 is not just any ski; it's a meticulously designed craft, equipped with state-of-the-art VMT 3.0® technology. This not only ensures a powerful ride but also maintains the finesse required for those perfect carves on groomed snow. The ski's Hammer Rocker profile with early-rise tip pledges an unwavering edge grip while allowing for precision in the arc of your turns. Imagine effortlessly slicing through the corduroy as you feel the responsive camber propelling you from one turn to the next.

For a 5'9, 150lbs individual, choosing the right ski length is crucial. The Evolv 100 comes in 172cm, 179cm, and 186cm lengths, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your height and skiing style. When the conditions are just right—with a fresh dusting on top of well-groomed slopes—the Evolv 100's shape, with dimensions of 139-100-122, carves with an artistic touch. It's the brush in your hand, painting bold lines down the mountain canvas. And when considering the mounting guide, your position will be optimized, enhancing turn initiation and overall control.

Liberty Skis' commitment to crafting skis that support all-mountain adventure shines through in the Evolv 100's build. It's a ski ready to charge on the frontside, yet forgiving enough for those less aggressive days. Whether you're laying down tracks on a bluebird day or exploring the sidecountry's allure after a Colorado powder drop, the Evolv 100 adapts to your passions, making it an essential tool in your skiing arsenal. As the 2024 model integrates advanced technologies and thoughtful engineering, it stands as a testament to Liberty Skis' promise of delivering the very best in skiing experiences.

VMT 3.0® Core Tech

Hammer Rocker Profile

Versatile All-Mountain

Optimal for Groomers

The Evolv is one of my favorite versatile skis. It handles crud, chunks, and even some ice with ease.

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024

Your All-Terrain Champion for Groomed Perfection

Conquering Colorado Slopes with Liberty Skis Origin 96

When the Colorado mountains call, the Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024 answers with unwavering confidence, offering a harmonious blend of agility and stability to master the state's renowned groomed terrain. The robust yet responsive VMT 1.0® core harmonizes bamboo, poplar, and carbon fiber with an aluminum alloy strut to provide an exceptional balance of strength and lightness, ensuring you maintain an edge in variable conditions without sacrificing playfulness. Despite its 96mm waist providing substantial float in fresh snow, the ski remarkably retains the quickness needed to carve tight turns in narrower trails and among beautiful aspens. The finesse of these skis isn’t limited to groomers; their robust design stands up to the demanding nature of Colorado's varied terrain, from choppy post-storm conditions to that coveted corduroy crispness.

Refined early-rise tip profile and strategic camber allow for a ski experience that boasts amplitude and vitality, accentuated by a 70% effective turning edge that contributes to its carved precision. The tip and tail rockers, 20% and 10% respectively, unite to create a ski that floats and dances over the snow with ease. The mounting guide of the Origin 96 is centered, giving you the balanced stance poised for intuitive and dynamic maneuverability, crucial when encountering varying snow conditions on the same run. Whether it's exploring expansive bowls or threading through technical glades, these skis equip skiers with the tools necessary for an unforgettable day on the mountain.

Liberty Skis understands that the power-packed performance on groomed trails doesn't have to mean a trade-off in powder capabilities. The suggestively playful nature of the Origin 96 belies its desire to conquer challenging conditions, providing a stable platform that encourages riders to push their boundaries and redefine their skiing experience on Colorado's slopes. With Liberty Skis Origin 96, the bold and the beautiful come together, embodying the spirit of mountain adventure and engineered refinement.

VMT 1.0® core stability

Early-rise tip agility

Versatile 96mm waist

Balanced turn dynamics

The Origin 96 is a great all-rounder. The narrower waist makes the ski easier to handle for beginners and intermediates.

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Austin L.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024

Precision Meets Versatility on Colorado's Slopes

Mastering the Groomers with the Liberty Skis Evolv 90

The Liberty Skis Evolv 90 - 2024 model is a quintessential choice for those looking to make their mark on Colorado's immaculately groomed slopes. A carefully crafted dance of technology and design, the Evolv 90 incorporates Liberty Skis' exclusive VMT 3.0® core profile. This cutting-edge construction leverages the power of vertical metal technology with additional aluminum alloy struts for a ride that's both precise and quieter than a snowfall at dawn. These skis are light and agile, providing superior control in a range of challenging conditions.

The signature Hammer Rocker profile of the Liberty Skis Evolv 90 - 2024 offers a harmonious blend of an early-rise tip with camber back to the tail. It ensures that an aggressive yet smooth edge grip and precise turn shape can be effortlessly executed amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. At 132-90-114mm, the ski dimensions maintain a versatile waist width, enabling skiers to transition from carving masterful arcs to floating through the occasional soft powder patches that grace the trails.

Furthermore, The 'Recommended' mounting position of the Evolv 90 perfectly aligns you with the center of sidecut and camber. This alignment optimizes turn initiation and provides uncompromised control, so you can ski with confidence and power. Whether you're a seasoned slope veteran or an ambitious skier looking to up your game, the Liberty Skis Evolv 90 - 2024 emerges as the uncompromised meeting point for an elevated groomed experience in the spirited lands of Colorado.

VMT 3.0® Core Technology

Dynamic Hammer Rocker Profile

Versatile 132-90-114mm Dimensions

Optimal Mount Positioning

If you're looking for a fast, stable, and aggressive resort ski, look no further.

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Carl M.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 90 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 90 - 2024

Your New Ally on Colorado's Groomed Slopes

The Peak Performer: Origin 106 - 2024

When the fresh powder has settled and the mountains of Colorado unveil their groomed terrains, it's essential to have a ski that can carve, pivot, and power through with grace and stability. Enter the Liberty Skis Origin 106 - the 2024 edition, a masterclass in versatility and aggressive performance. Uniquely constructed with Liberty’s cutting-edge VMT 1.0® technology, the Origin 106 blends a lightweight bamboo and poplar wood core with a central aluminum alloy strut and precured carbon fiber strips. This formidable combination offers unmatched directional stability and torsional rigidity, making every turn on the groomed trails a statement in precision.

The poured polyurethane sidewalls contribute to the Origin 106's smooth and reliable handling on harder snow, ensuring that even when the Colorado slopes veer towards the icy spectrum, confidence underfoot doesn't falter. With dimensions that speak to its readiness to engage with the mountain—138mm at the tip, 106mm at the waist, and 128mm at the tail—this ski cuts an ideal balance between agility and buoyancy. Moreover, the ski's tip and tail rocker design, with 20% and 15% rocker respectively, promotes a playful nature, while the 65% effective turning edge maintains hard-snow performance. It's the ski that can dance gracefully down the corduroy runs and still let loose when playful moments beckon.

For the 5'9, 150lbs individual eager to take on Colorado's groomed slopes, the 171cm variant presents an optimal match. Its 17m turning radius provides a responsive and engaging ride. And with a mounting guide that ensures the best turn initiation and control, the Origin 106 - 2024 edition is, indeed, a bold choice for those seeking to marry beauty with brawn on the mountain.

VMT 1.0® technology

Polyurethane sidewalls

Playful rocker profile

All-mountain versatility

If you're a resort-bound skier who wants insurance in case of a powder day, the Origin 106 is a great bet.

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2024

Precision and Power for Passionate Skiers

Conquering Colorado's Groomers: Liberty Skis Evolv 110 - 2024

When you're facing the beautifully groomed slopes of Colorado's iconic resorts, you need a ski that can handle both the grace and the fury of such terrain. The Liberty Skis Evolv 110 - 2024 steps up as a contender that refuses to compromise between finesse and aggression. With its roots in powder skiing but a race ski’s ambition, the Evolv 110 is a force to be reckoned with.

Colorado's diverse conditions demand adaptability, and the Evolv 110 delivers. The VMT 3.0® core, featuring a central metal strut flanked by additional aluminum alloy struts, marries stability with agility like a dream, ensuring your ride is precise and quiet even when the slopes throw a tantrum. The innovative Hammer Rocker profile, with an early-rise tip and a camber that reaches to the tail, gifts skiers with an assertive edge grip and immaculate turn shape—ideal for the meticulous turns on manicured runs.

At different lengths of 179cm and 186cm, the Evolv 110 accommodates skiers of varying styles and stature, while the sidecut dimensions maintain an assertive 144-110-128 mm across both variants. This ski is sculpted to let you dominate the groomed without foregoing the joy of powder should the skies bless you with a fresh blanket. Integrating a strategic mount position, the Evolv 110 invites skiers into its world, where control meets power, to experience the mountain in ways only imagined. Cut through the chill morning air and leave your mark on Colorado's pristine slopes with a ski designed to evolve with you.

VMT 3.0® core technology

Hammer Rocker profile

144-110-128 sidecut

Ideal for groomers and powder

This ski is an absolute beast. Equally capable on the resort and in the deep stuff, you might be surprised by how far this ski will take you.

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Austin L.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 110 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 110 - 2024