Mounting & Tuning

If you do not know where to mount your new Liberty skis, we suggest they be mounted on the “Recommended” line.

The “Recommended” mount mark will align you in the center of sidecut and camber of the ski.  The allows for the best turn initiation and control in most situations.

If you have a pair of 2023 skis that does not have mount lines printed please refer to our 2023 Mounting Guide for measurments on recommended mounting positions.

Check out our Brake Size Chart for help selecting the appropriate brake size your skis.

For the Origin Series, Genesis Series, V80w, V87w, Transfer, and Helix Series, we recommend using a 3.5 x 9 drill bit.

For the V-Series, we recommend using a 4.1 x 9 drill bit.

For all our skis we recommend the following tune specificatons: Base edge bevel 1°; Side edge bevel 2°