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Sustainable Speed: The Performance Perks of Bamboo in Liberty Skis

Embracing the 'green revolution' on the slopes, 'Sustainable Speed: The Performance Perks of Bamboo in Liberty Skis' dives into the innovative integration of bamboo in our ski designs. Highlighting cutting-edge models like the Evolv 100 and Genesis 106, alongside the forward-looking Helix 99 - 2025, we explore how the natural strength and responsiveness of bamboo amplify our skis' performance across a multitude of terrains. From the lightweight yet powerful Origin 112 to the versatile Origin 106, each ski exemplifies a commitment to sustainability without compromising the thrill of the descent.

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Unveiling the Superiority of the 2024 Origin 106

The Power of Nature: How Bamboo Fuels the Origin 106's Excellence

Liberty Skis' Origin 106 is a masterpiece of engineering that marries performance with sustainability. Crafted with VMT 1.0®, this ski exemplifies Liberty's commitment to innovative design. The signature blend of bamboo, poplar, and carbon fiber in the core not only appeals to the eco-conscious skier but ensures a ride that's both lightweight and powerful.

Adding to its strength, the central aluminum alloy strut and precured carbon fiber strips guarantee a stability and torsional rigidity that seasoned skiers seek on the slopes. These enhancements allow for a ski that cuts through hard snow with ease, ensuring a smoother, more stable experience. Meanwhile, poured polyurethane sidewalls absorb vibrations and add to the sublime feel of the Origin 106, whether you're carving down groomed runs or powering through powder.

The Origin 106's rockered tips and tails, paired with a positive camber underfoot, establish a duality of playfulness and precision. This profile caters to both the energetic skier hungry for fun and the performance-driven athlete demanding control. The effective edge and mounting guide are meticulously designed to place the rider in the perfect position for the ideal blend of floatation, responsiveness, and maneuverability. As a bonus, the array of lengths ensures there's a perfect fit for any enthusiast, making the Origin 106 a versatile choice for varied terrains and snow conditions.

Bamboo-carbon core

Aluminum alloy strut

Polyurethane sidewalls

Versatile rocker-camber

Origin 106 is my one-ski quiver

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2024

Unveiling High-Performance Anatomy of the Helix 99

Harnessing Bamboo's Power: The Helix 99's Foundation

As you carve through the pristine powdery slopes or navigate the gnarly groomers, the Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025 model stands as a testament to superior performance, thanks in no small part to its distinctive core construction. Bamboo plays a starring role in the Helix 99, providing a core that's not only environmentally conscious but fiercely efficient at transferring your energy directly to the snow. With bamboo's natural strength and flexibility at the ski's heart, combined with poplar and carbon fiber, you have a setup that promises responsiveness and agility irrespective of the terrain.

The Helix 99's composition speaks volumes about Liberty Skis' commitment to sustainable yet uncompromising performance. Balanced with poplar wood, the bamboo core amplifies the ski's liveliness, allowing for playful moments that don't skimp on control when it's needed most. Carbon fiber completes this triad, bringing its well-known lightweight strength to the mix, ensuring that every jump, carve, and turn is backed by confidence-instilling support. Moreover, as you plan your next mountain conquest, know that the eco-friendly epoxy and FSC-certified wood mean your adventures tread lightly on the earth.

When sizing up the Helix 99, you're not just considering a superior all-mountain ski; you're investing in a journey that values the planet as much as performance. It is a ski that happily traverses North American terrains and ventures boldly beyond. Whether you are gliding through icy conditions or landing tricks in the park, the Helix 99, with its playful nature and ultra-durable topsheet, ensures a memorable ride with a clear conscience—a true testament to Liberty Skis' innovative take on modern ski technology.

Bamboo-poplar-carbon core

Playful yet stable

FSC-certified wood

Eco-friendly construction

In and out of the park, this will be my go-to pair next season.

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Sam P.

image of Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025


Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025

Unleashing Potential with Sustainable Innovation

Harnessing the Power of Bamboo: A Deeper Look into the Genesis 106

In the world of winter sports where the quest for innovative, eco-friendly, and high-performance equipment is never-ending, the Genesis 106 emerges as a paragon of Liberty Skis’ commitment to excellence. This ski quintessentially embodies the alchemy of precision engineering with environmental consciousness, thanks to its unique bamboo-infused core. Bamboo ensures a lighter touch on the planet while delivering a dynamic skiing experience. The integration of bamboo, poplar, and paulownia in the core of Genesis 106 cuts through the chatter of the slopes with silent efficiency, providing a smooth and compliant ride that doesn't sacrifice power or stability. The ski's tailored construction for women enriches its adaptability on the mountain offering a personalized touch to performance.

With the Genesis 106, Liberty Skis introduces VMT 1.0W® technology, a pioneering approach that marries the lightweight attributes of bamboo and poplar with the high-tensile strength of carbon fiber. The result is an agile yet staunch companion, ready to conquer everything from groomed trails to deep powder quests. Additionally, the combination of tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot ensures optimal flotation for a playful, yet controlled skiing experience on varied terrain.

The deliberate design extends to the finer details of the Genesis 106, from its length options catering to a range of skiers to the calculated weight distribution — an asset to those long days on and off the pistes. The recommended mounting guide aligns riders perfectly for a harmonious balance of turn initiation and control. As we delve into the intricacies of the Genesis 106, it becomes evident that this marvel of skiing equipment is not merely a token of Liberty Skis’ sustainable journey, but a testament to their unyielding pursuit of crafting exceptional experiences on the slopes with every turn and every trail.

Bamboo-composite core

VMT 1.0W® integration

70% effective edge

Tailored for women

This is a women's ski that is a charger that is anything but shrink-it-and-pink-it.

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Anna S.

image of Liberty Skis Genesis 106 - 2024


Liberty Skis Genesis 106 - 2024

Evolv Your Skiing with Bamboo’s Natural Benefits

Harnessing the Power of Bamboo

Stepping into the Liberty Skis Evolv 100 is more than just gearing up; it's embracing the merger of cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious materials. As an integral part of the ski’s VMT 3.0® core, bamboo takes center stage, bringing its naturally advantageous properties to enhance your skiing experience. Renowned for its resilience and flexibility, bamboo elevates the ski's performance, offering an organic responsiveness unparalleled by traditional materials.

The Evolv 100's dimensional design expertly crafted with bamboo allows for a ski that is vigorous and energetic, perfect for the adventurous spirit seeking to conquer vast mountain terrains. Whether you're powering through a forested glade or racing down a perfect groomer, the sustainable speed of these skis promises a superior edge grip and a precision turn shape, thanks to the integrated Hammer Rocker profile. The unique blend of bamboo in the construction provides the skier with a spectrum of terrain possibilities without compromising on environmental commitments.

In the world of skiing where every second and every turn counts, the Evolv 100 - 2024 stands out with its dynamic balance of weight and stability. The bamboo-infused core, complemented by additional aluminum alloy struts, ensures a ride that feels both light and stable, particularly in challenging conditions. By integrating natural bamboo into the core, skiers not only benefit from heightened performance but also participate in Liberty Skis’ commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Core

VMT 3.0® Technology

Hammer Rocker Profile

All-Terrain Versatility

This is the Cadillac of Liberty's lineup.

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024

Why Bamboo Makes the Origin 112 Stand Out

Harnessing Nature's Genius: The Bamboo Advantage

Introducing the Liberty Skis Origin 112, the embodiment of innovative design and natural materials working in harmony to elevate your skiing experience. By integrating one of nature's most resilient and flexible materials – bamboo – into the core of the Origin 112, Liberty Skis has achieved a unique blend of performance and sustainability. This ski showcases a true commitment to eco-friendly practices without compromising on the thrill of the ride. The signature VMT 1.0® core, featuring bamboo, poplar wood, and precured carbon fiber strips, delivers exceptional stability and responsiveness. The agility afforded by bamboo's natural properties, coupled with the dampening characteristics of poplar and carbon, gifts skiers with a ride that is lively yet controlled, ideal for enthusiastic powder hounds and hard-charging freeriders alike.

Optimized for deep snow days, the Origin 112 still retains playfulness thanks to its thoughtfully engineered tip and tail rocker. Its balanced camber underfoot lets you carve with precision on harder surfaces, ensuring that diverse conditions don't impede your mountain escapades. The updated PU sidewalls further complement this swift, robust ski, ensuring durability and enhancing edge grip. With sizes ranging from 176 cm to 192 cm and a strategic mounting guide to optimize performance, the Origin 112 seeks to cater to skiers of various statures, especially those looking for more ski to drive and control in heavier snow.

Liberty Skis takes pride in their advanced core technologies such as the VMT 1.0®, and the Origin 112 is a shining example of how these technologies translate to an unparalleled skiing experience. The combination of sustainability and performance that bamboo offers is at the core of what makes the Liberty Skis Origin 112 - 2024 not just a superb ski, but a testament to the power of harmony between man, machine, and nature.

VMT 1.0® Core Technology

Bamboo & Poplar Core

Updated PU Sidewalls

Sustainable, High-Performance

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 112 - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 112 - 2024