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Best of the Tested: Sampling the Best of Liberty Skis' Demos

Eager to find skis that not only meet but surpass your expectations for versatility, responsiveness, and playfulness? Look no further than our curated sampling of the best demo skis that Liberty Skis has to offer. From the precision and adaptability of the Evolv series, ideal for all-terrain and frontside conquests, to the Origin and Genesis models that promise both float in powder and effortless control for carving newbies and experts alike, our demo roundup promises a perfect match for every slope dreamer. Liberty's demo skis are nearly-new skis that are mounted with a pair of demo bindings that were used in a ski test. On average these skis have been used for 20 to 25 runs. Some have been used less and some slightly more. The demo bindings are adjustable. All demo skis are fully tuned and ready to use.

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Why the Origin 96 Graces Our Demo Line-Up

Explore the Freedom with Liberty Skis Origin 96

When adventure beckons, the Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024 stands out as your trusted companion. Versatility is the hallmark of the Origin 96, seamlessly blending the agility required for tight tree runs with a robust build that provides a race ski-like performance across varied terrain. Its early-rise tip profile works in concert with Liberty's innovative VMT 1.0® technology, combining a bamboo and poplar core with precured carbon fiber strips and an integral aluminum alloy strut. This harmonious construction results in that perfect ski experience where playfulness, stability, and responsiveness unite.

The dimensions of the Origin 96 offer a balanced ski profile that caters to both on-piste precision and off-piste floatation. And it's not just about the dimensions; the nuanced 70% effective turning edge, with 20% tip rocker and 10% tail rocker, contributes to its all-terrain ease. Importantly, for those who value adaptability, the mounting guide ensures optimal balance, ensuring the best turn initiation and control under a variety of conditions.

Though suitable for seasoned skiers, the Liberty Skis Origin 96 doesn't alienate the burgeoning enthusiast. Its intuitive learning curve allows beginners to carve their first mountain memories with confidence, while its stiff yet nimble architecture invites more vigorous downhill pursuits. This is the one-ski quiver, ready to serve daily drivers in the Rockies, the icy slopes of Vermont, or the deep powder of Tahoe.

Versatile all-terrain performance

VMT 1.0® advanced core

Ski and play in varied conditions

Intuitive for learners

These skis 'feel' like a Liberty Ski, which to me is lively, responsive, fast, and fun.

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Sam P.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 96 (Demo) - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 96 (Demo) - 2024

Unlocking the All-Mountain Potential

Evolv 100 - Your Gateway to Versatile Skiing

The 2024 Liberty Skis Evolv 100 stands as a testament to versatility and all-mountain prowess. Armed with VMT 3.0® technology, the Evolv 100 brings you a level of responsiveness and precision that adventurous skiers dream of. Whether your journey leads you to the untouched blankets of snow or alongside the evergreen tree lines, the Evolv 100 is a companion that doesn't falter. For those who revel in the fresh snow's allure or take pleasure in carving elegant arcs on groomed trails, the Liberty Skis Evolv 100 is engineered to serve with distinction.

With dimensions of 139-100-122 at 179cm, the Evolv 100 demonstrates its eagerness for varied terrain, affirming its 100mm waist as the golden mean for adaptability. The ski's core is a marvel of engineering, combining the resilient lightness of VMT 3.0® with the powerhouse trio of aluminum alloy struts to dampen vibration and enhance edge control—translating to a smooth, quiet ride through even the trickiest conditions.

For those who command a strong grip on the mountain's many moods, the Hammer Rocker profile delivers a fusion of an early-rise tip and a substantial camber to the tail. This ensures formidable edge hold, precision in turn shape, and a lively 85% effective turning edge that is as game for dynamic maneuvers as you are. With size variants accommodating different statures and styles, the Evolv 100 emerges as the ski of choice for those looking to master the mountains of Colorado or tackle the vast expanse of Vail's legendary back bowls.

VMT 3.0® Core Technology

Hammer Rocker Profile

Versatile 100mm Waist

19m Turning Radius

For a demo pair, it's hard to do better than the Evolv100s

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 100 (Demo) - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 100 (Demo) - 2024

Merging Performance and Playfulness on the Slopes

Discover the Versatility of the Liberty Skis Genesis 96

Equipped with cutting-edge VMT 1.0W® technology, the Genesis 96 skis from Liberty bring an exceptional blend of agility and stability to your downhill adventures. Specifically tailored to female skiers, these skis feature a core that combines bamboo and poplar with lightweight paulownia wood, complemented by the resilience of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It's a design that doesn't compromise on power, yet remains surprisingly light underfoot, allowing for effortless movement across a spectrum of mountainous terrains.

The Genesis 96 skis shine with their award-winning geometry, maintaining a waist width poised perfectly for versatility. Whether carving meticulously on groomed trails or floating effortlessly through fresh powder, the Genesis 96 delivers. With tip and tail rockers designed to ensure maximum flotation and a playful demeanor, coupled with positive camber underfoot for solid hard-snow performance, these skis offer a dynamic edge that will inspire confidence in every turn. The 70% Effective Turning Edge enables clean, controlled arcs, while the 20% Tip and 10% Tail Rocker ensure you're well-equipped for the joyous unpredictability of mountain skiing.

What's more, the Liberty Genesis 96 - 2023 embraces a range of sizes, catering to individual preferences and styles. With the demo pairs having seen minimal use, you're essentially getting a 'like new' experience. Whether you're a burgeoning enthusiast or a seasoned freerider, these skis promise a formidable balance of lightness, responsiveness, and intuitive control—truly, a ski that not only meets the varied demands of mountain skiing but elevates them.

Tailored Core for Women

Versatile 96mm Waist

Light & Stable Construction

Playful Tip & Tail Rocker

One of the best in the test, hands-down.

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Anna S.

image of Liberty Skis Genesis 90 (Demo) - 2024


Liberty Skis Genesis 90 (Demo) - 2024

A Closer Look at the Evolv 84 - 2024

Precision Meets Versatility: The Evolv 84

Striking a harmonious balance between power and suppleness, the Liberty Skis Evolv 84 - 2024 exemplifies frontside finesse with the freedom to explore. Designed with a keen eye on responsive performance, the Evolv 84 brandishes a flat tail to assertively finish turns, setting the stage for a compelling day on the slopes. Yet, agility isn't sacrificed; a more amenable tip choreographs entry into turns, ensuring a graceful ride even when the terrain pushes back. At the heart of the Evolv 84 lies the cutting-edge VMT 3.0® construction. Enriched by vertical metal technology, further bolstered by dual aluminum alloy struts flanking its center strut, this ski cuts through noise and chatter with surgical precision.

The Evolv 84 isn't just a frontside tool; it's a key to unlocking varied topographies. With its weight tuned meticulously within 4%, it remains light enough to pirouette through the powder yet stable in the grip of icy conditions. The Hammer Rocker profile compliments this by bringing an early-rise tip partnered with camber to the back, enabling gripping edge power coupled with refined turn shaping. It's not merely about the structure; it's about the sensation of seamless transitions and confident carves, no matter where the mountain beckons.

Liberty Skis understands that each skier is unique, which is why the Evolv 84 comes in a spectrum of sizes, each with a tailored mount position to optimize control. Skiing on the Evolv 84 doesn't just adapt to conditions; it redefines them, inviting skiers to evolve their own narrative with every carved turn.

Flat tail for powerful turns

Compliant tip for easy entry

VMT 3.0® for precise ride

Hammer Rocker profile

If you can grab these in a demo, do it!

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 84 (Demo) - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 84 (Demo) - 2024