VMT Core VMT Core
  • Early rise in tip and tail
  • Contact point
  • Camber underfoot
  • Lifted tail or twin tip

Bomb Rocker

Origin 101

Effective Turning Edge: 65%

Tip Rocker: 20%

Tail Rocker: 15%

Incorporates tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot for maximum floatation and playful feel, while maintaining hard-snow performance.

Hammer Rocker

Evolv 100

Effective Turning Edge: 85%

Tip Rocker: 15%

Hammer Rocker comes armed with an early-rise tip and camber back to the tail for powerful edge grip and precise turn shape.

Stealth Rocker

Helix 98

Effective Turning Edge:85%

Tip Rocker:10%

Tail Rocker:5%

Stealth Rocker utilizes a long, low tip rocker and camber under foot and a flat tail for easy turn initiation without sacrificing edge grip and liveliness.

Backcountry Rocker

Origin 106 BC

Effective Turning Edge:85%

Tip Rocker:10%

Tail Rocker:5%

Similar to our Bomb Rocker, Backcountry Rocker is playful and energetic in a variety of snow conidtions with reduced tail kick and rise to allow for skin clip application and to use the skis for snow anchors.

Classic Camber

Helix 88

Effective Turning Edge:90%

Tip Rocker:5%

Tail Rocker:5%

Classic Camber creates tip and tail pressure for maximum edge grip and energy.