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Power and Precision: Decoding the Metal Tech in Your Liberty Skis

Understanding the intricate fusion of technology and design in Liberty Skis gives dedicated skiers an unmatched edge on the slopes. In this article, we delve into the cutting-edge metal technologies such as VMT 3.0 and VMT 1.0, as exemplified in our Evolv 100 and Origin 106 models, to reveal how these innovations yield power and precision in every turn. We also explore the Variable Metal Technology featured in the upcoming Radian 92 and how the advanced VMT 3.0 in the Evolv 90 represents the peak of ski technology evolution, offering insights into the art of skiing with the confidence that only Liberty Skis can provide.

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Variable Metal Tech Meets Artful Design

Forging Ahead: The Revolutionary Radian 92 Skis

Introducing the Liberty Skis Radian 92 - 2025, a harmonious blend of European manufacturing finesse and Colorado innovation. These skis are a testament to Liberty Skis' dedication to pushing the boundaries of ski technology and design. Featuring Variable Metal Technology, the Radian 92 brings the thrill of the mountain to your feet with unparalleled stability and responsiveness. The full sheet of Titanal strategically placed underfoot anchors your ride, fueling you with confidence even in the most demanding terrains. Outside of this metal core, the Radian 92 eases its grip, narrowing in the tip and tail and allowing for turns that feel as natural as the mountain's own contours.

Ease into every turn with the Radian 92's unparalleled execution of turn initiation - an element in which Liberty Skis takes immense. The smooth transition and forgiving nature of these skis make them not only accessible but irresistibly enjoyable, no matter the challenge that your chosen slope may present. And it's not just about performance; it's about the joy that performance brings. After all, Liberty Skis challenges you to spend a day with the Radian 92 and not wear a smile during après. Up the ante across an array of terrains, from powder dusted backcountry to the comforting groomed avenues - the Radian 92 stands firm as an invaluable companion to the modern skier.

Endorsing versatility, the Radian 92 asserts its position as an all-mountain ski while drawing influence from the world of freeriding. Its adaptable width and spirited core define this 'directional freeride' instrument. No matter your preferred dance floor - be it crusted moguls or untouched blankets of snow - the Radian 92, in its various available lengths, ensures every turn is a statement of your skiing narrative.

European Quality

Colorado Design

Variable Metal Tech

Versatile All-Mountain

The best ski I've tested in years.

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image of Liberty Skis Radian 92 - 2025


Liberty Skis Radian 92 - 2025

Master the Mountain with VMT 1.0® Technology

Unveiling the Core of Liberty Skis' Origin 106 - 2023

Liberty Skis has consistently pushed the boundaries of ski innovation, and the Origin 106 - 2023 model is no exception. At the core of this ski's ingenuity lies the VMT 1.0® technology, a blend of natural materials and cutting-edge design. The bamboo and poplar wood core, flanked by a central aluminum alloy strut and precured carbon fiber strips, delivers an unrivaled balance of lightness and strength. This strategic core profile makes the Origin 106 not just a ski, but a high-performance instrument tailored for the modern big mountain skier.

Furthermore, Liberty Skis' attention to detail shines in the added polyurethane sidewalls, creating an even smoother experience on unforgiving hard snow. Coupled with the ski's innovative rocker profile, which includes tip and tail rockers and positive camber underfoot, it ensures you'll float effortlessly over powder while retaining playful agility. The precise Effective Turning Edge of 65% provides the grip needed when carving down icy surfaces or navigating tightly packed snow. The Liberty Origin 106 - 2023 is a perfect fusion of Liberty's ethos – offering a ski that is both lively and capable of taming the mountain's most demanding terrains.

Rising above conventional ski technology, the Liberty Origin 106 - 2023 demonstrates how Liberty Skis' VMT 1.0® brings about a revolution in the skiing experience. It's tailored for those who seek the thrill of the slopes, valorizing every turn with power and finesse. Whether carving groomed trails or venturing into deep backcountry snow, this ski's groundbreaking core profile offers a level of precision and stability that is nothing short of transformative.

VMT 1.0® Core Technology

Bamboo & Poplar Core

Aluminum Alloy Strut

Polyurethane Sidewalls

Playful Rocker Profile

An essential ski in my quiver.

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image of Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2023


Liberty Skis Origin 106 - 2023

Innovative Structure, Exceptional Performance

VMT 3.0®: A Deep Dive into the Evolv 90's Core

The Evolv 90 - 2024 showcases Liberty Skis' dedication to merging power and playfulness, wrapped in the latest VMT 3.0® technology. This innovative core profile is what sets the Evolv 90 apart, offering superior control and agility on various terrains. But what does VMT 3.0® mean for your skiing experience? It stands for Variable Metal Technology, but with an advancement — the addition of two aluminum alloy struts flanking the center strut. The result is a ski that provides a compelling blend of nimility and stability.

Central to the Evolv 90's prowess is its ability to stay grounded and quiet even in unwelcoming conditions. When carving down groomed runs or tackling crud, these additional struts act as shock absorbers, minimizing vibrations and delivering a smoother ride. They also contribute to the ski's precision, allowing for accurate turn initiation and a confidence-inspiring grip on the slopes. Despite the inclusion of metal, the skis remain surprisingly light, a hallmark of Liberty's engineering finesse, ensuring that fatigue doesn't cut your day short.

Navigating through the diverse mountain terrain requires adaptability, and the Evolv 90's Hammer Rocker profile complements the VMT 3.0® beautifully. With an early-rise tip and ample camber running through to the tail, the skis provide a harmonious balance between edge grip for arcing powerful turns and tip rocker for deft maneuverability. It's this combination that enables the Evolv 90 to transcend categorization, satisfying avid carving enthusiasts and off-piste adventurers alike.

VMT 3.0® core profile

Hammer Rocker profile

Poured PU sidewalls

Versatile 132-90-114 dimensions

During our tests in Eastern Canada, this was my standout. I happened to love it in the Rockies as well.

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2022


Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2022