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French Flair and Maritime Air: The Best Skis for Eastern Canada's Diverse Terrain

Embracing the enchanting versatility of Eastern Canada’s slopes means having the right skis to match every snowy contour and icy descent. From the piste-perfect trails to three colors of ice to the untouched backcountry powder, Liberty Skis presents a curated selection of skis that rise to the occasion. Whether you're carving down groomed runs in Quebec or exploring the glades of far eastern Canada, our 2024 and 2025 line-ups, featuring the Origin 106, Evolv 84, Evolv 100, Genesis 96, and Origin 96, promises an exemplary experience tailored for the region’s diverse terrain.

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The Ideal Choice for Eastern Canada's Varied Slopes

Radian 92: Merging Versatility and Stability

Liberty Skis' commitment to exceptional design and performance shines brightly with the Radian 92 – 2025 model. As skiers in Eastern Canada face the challenges of packed powder, soft snow, and ever-changing conditions from Quebec to the Maritimes, they require a ski that is as adaptable as it is reliable. The Radian 92, with its easy turn initiation and ample stability, is engineered to excel in these diverse terrains. Its versatility is exemplified by its performance in bumps and trees, and while it isn’t the heaviest ski for powering through heavy snow, its softer tip gracefully handles softer snow conditions.

Intended for intermediate to expert skiers, the Radian 92 provides a joyful balance between nimble movements and robust control. This balance makes it the ski of choice for those eager to conquer the unique conditions that Eastern Canada offers. The expert terrain, which often includes tight trees and steep slopes, beckons a ski that can navigate precisely while maintaining a comfortable control at high speeds. With a forgiving yet steady nature, this ski rises to the occasion, making it a go-to option not just in Eastern Canada, but in similar terrains globally.

Adding to its appeal is the union of European manufacturing prowess with the innovative Colorado design. This cross-continental collaboration ensures skiers wield a product of the highest finish quality – an essential component behind the Radian 92's success in Liberty Skis' lineup. The bespoke Variable Metal Technology with a full sheet of Titanal underfoot for stability exhibits Liberty Skis’ sophisticated approach to ski construction, allowing the Radian 92 to stand out as a beacon of user-friendly performance.

Easy turn initiation

Stable and versatile

Beautiful finish quality

Variable Metal Technology

Radian can handle Canadian ice like a champ.

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Carl M.

image of Liberty Skis Radian 92 - 2025


Liberty Skis Radian 92 - 2025

A Ski Match Made for Eastern Canada’s Diverse Slopes

Eastern Enchantment: Mastering Versatility with the Origin 96

The Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024 is the epitome of versatility in the world of alpine skiing, and its attributes align seamlessly with the demands of Eastern Canada's varied terrain. From the groomed slopes of Quebec to the rugged glades of the Maritimes, the Origin 96 is your dependable companion. Its refined early-rise tip profile delivers an assertive edge on icy patches while the ski's playful nature ensures a satisfying ride through softer, looser snow. With VMT 1.0® technology enhancing the bamboo, poplar, and carbon fiber core, stability pairs with agility to create a 'one-ski quiver' for both the spirited and the earnest skier.

The dimensions and thoughtful design of the Origin 96 cater to those who thrive on a diverse skiing experience. The 70% effective turning edge guarantees precision in the moguls and tight trees, while 20% tip rocker and 10% tail rocker promise a catch-free ride and ease in powder. The range of length options, from 171cm to 187cm, provides choices for different skier profiles, ensuring that whether you are navigating narrow chutes or cruising on wide-open runs, the Origin 96 adapts with you.

Skiers tackling the unpredictable conditions of Eastern Canada will cherish the reliability and playfulness of the Origin 96. Its confident edging capabilities are matched with a healthy amount of rocker, optimizing performance in on and off-piste situations, and proving itself to be particularly efficient in tighter terrain like the renowned glades of the East. Whether you're exploring the après-ski culture of Quebec or the untouched snow of the Maritime backcountry, the Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024 serves as the ideal medium through which the beauty and challenge of Eastern Canadian skiing is truly experienced.

VMT 1.0® Stability

Early-Rise Tip

Versatile Rocker Profile

All-Terrain Flexibility

Origin 96 is narrow enough for me on the hardpack.

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024


Liberty Skis Origin 96 - 2024

Precision, Power, and Versatility in One Package

Navigating Eastern Canada's Slopes with the Liberty Skis Evolv 84 - 2024

Eastern Canada's diverse terrain demands a ski that can transition seamlessly from the groomed runs of Quebec to the changing conditions found in the Maritime provinces. Enter the Liberty Skis Evolv 84 - 2024, a top-tier choice for skiers who demand excellence and versatility. With its VMT 3.0® construction, the Evolv 84 harmoniously blends the strength of aluminum alloy struts with the natural flex of the wood core, giving you precision and a quiet ride, even on the icier surfaces for which Eastern Canada is known.

The Evolv 84 also boasts a Hammer Rocker profile, combining an early-rise tip with a cambered tail to maintain powerful edge grip and control that's essential for the dynamic turns expected on these eastern slopes. The flat tail design ensures that each turn finishes with authority, perfect for those looking to carve with confidence. At 84mm underfoot, the Evolv 84 is nimble enough for tight tree runs, yet its effective turning edge keeps it steady at high speeds.

Whether you're taking on the frontside or exploring off-piste, the Liberty Skis Evolv 84 remains responsive. Its strategic mounting guide positions you for optimal control and turn initiation. For the skier who values frontside performance but loves the occasional foray into varied terrains, this ski is a well-balanced marvel.

VMT 3.0® Technology

Hammer Rocker Profile

Flat Tail Design

Responsive at 84mm

I prefer the narrower widths on the quite solid Canadian snow. The Evolv lets me rip.

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Sam P.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 84 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 84 - 2024

Embrace Versatility and Performance

Conquering Eastern Canada's Slopes with the Genesis 96

When the French flair of Quebec's peaks beckons, or the maritime air of the Maritimes calls, the Liberty Skis Genesis 96 - 2024 stands as the quintessential choice for women skiers who demand versatility and a playful yet powerful ride. Meticulously tailored with VMT 1.0W®—a blend of paulownia, bamboo, and poplar woods fused with aluminum alloy and carbon fiber—this ski offers a lighter and more compliant experience without compromising on stability.

A harmonious balance of tip and tail rocker with positive camber underfoot allows the Genesis 96 to glide with maximum floatation over the diverse Eastern Canadian snow, making it an exemplary all-mountain freeride ski. Designed specifically for women, its award-winning shape and updated core ensure that every turn is infused with a light and spirited feel, making every slope an opportunity for exhilaration. The different lengths available, each with its respective radius and weight, allow skiers to find the perfect match for their style and stature.

Beyond the specs, the practical mounting guide ensures optimal control, aligning the center of sidecut and camber underfoot for the best turn initiation. Whether you're carving down the groomed trails of Mont Tremblant or navigating through the glades of New Brunswick, the Genesis 96 is engineered to excel. It's no wonder that the Genesis 96's capabilities align perfectly with the diverse terrains of Eastern Canada, offering performance that's tuned to the region's variable conditions.

VMT 1.0W® Core

Tip & Tail Rocker

Women-tailored Design

Versatile Freeride Ski

When I put the ski side by each on dat Canada snow, can not stop me. Genesis is my top ski for Québec.

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Anna S.

image of Liberty Skis Genesis 96 - 2024


Liberty Skis Genesis 96 - 2024

Why the Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024 is Your Go-To Ski

Carving Eastern Canada's Varied Slopes

Venture into the heart of Eastern Canada's winter playground, where every carve and powder turn tells a story. Among the evergreens and snow-dusted peaks, the Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024 emerges as the quintessential partner for the skier dreaming of a versatile experience. With its Hammer Rocker profile, boasting an early-rise tip and 85% effective turning edge, the Evolv 100 invites you to paint bold, precise arcs on French-Canadian groomers while holding its ground on the firmer Maritime snowpack.

The magic lies in Liberty Skis' pioneering VMT 3.0® technology, embedding additional aluminum alloy struts in the core to grant ‘quiet' yet responsive rides across treacherous terrains. Whether it's darting through the challenging tree lines at Mont Tremblant or tackling the notorious glades of Sugarloaf, the Evolv 100 remains nimble, solid, and unwavering in its support. Beyond stability, the varying lengths of 172cm, 179cm, and 186cm cater to an individual skier's stature and style, ensuring that each turn and transition is tailored to personal preference.

In Eastern Canada's whimsical winter landscape, where conditions flit from icy patches to generous snowfalls, adaptability is paramount. The Evolv 100, with a waist width of 100mm, gifts skiers the perfect balance between floatation in fresh powder and agility on packed pistes. What's more, the scaling weight from 1815g to 2030g grants a substantive, yet maneuverable experience permissioned by the thoughtful design and implementation of Liberty's revered ski-making artistry.

VMT 3.0® technology

Hammer Rocker profile

139-100-122 dimensions

Weight 1815g - 2030g

Evolv is the obvious pick for Eastern Canada - the only question is 90 vs 100mm underfoot. I happen to prefer the 100s but both are a great ride for these conditions.

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024


Liberty Skis Evolv 100 - 2024