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Discover the Mountains' Future: Liberty Skis 2025 Lineup (Partial Unveil)

As the snow continues to blanket the peaks late into another epic ski season, Liberty Skis is proud to unveil its 2025 lineup – a future-forward collection designed to enhance your connection with the mountain. Diving into the Radians' masterful balance, the Scope series' versatility and energy, and the Helix 99's playful performance, each ski represents our commitment to innovation and excellence in design. And with the enigmatic Genome making its girthy return with new graphics for the coming season, our latest creations are set to redefine your alpine experience in the season ahead.

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A Fusion of Lightness and Stability

Introducing the Remarkable Liberty Skis Radian 100 - 2025

The Liberty Skis Radian 100 - 2025 embodies a pioneering spirit for the adventurous skier, seeking to traverse the mountain's diverse landscapes. A highlight of Liberty Skis' latest offerings, this ski merges paramount all-mountain performance with the thrill of big mountain powder exploits. An exciting first cousin to the Evolv100, the Radian 100 has managed to shave off approximately 100 grams per ski, offering a featherlight experience without compromising on stability. Touted for its revolutionary lightweight structure, it promises agility and responsive performance in a range of conditions.

European manufacturing hallmarking the Radian 100 assures impeccable finish and quality, elevating it to a sweet spot among the 2025 lineup. This ski is not just made—it's crafted, with a keen attention to the demands of skiing connoisseurs. The wood core consisting of poplar and ash teamed with the ski's less pronounced rocker and tapered tips, equips it for smooth transitions and an enthralling directional ski experience. Whether it's for a thrilling ride down groomed trails or an invigorating excursion through powder, the Radian 100 is your ally for a memorable mountain adventure.

Versatility is at the heart of the Radian 100's design, available in 167, 173, 179, and 185 cm, catering to a wide spectrum of skiers. Compliment your skiing style with pinpoint precision, exciting responsiveness, and an all-encompassing sense of freedom, captured within the innovative edges of these skis. The Radian 100 doesn't just keep up with your pace on the slopes—it propels you to new heights.

Lighter than Evolv100

Poplar and Ash core

Smooth turn linkage

European craftsmanship

Best turn linkage I've seen in years

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Quin F.

image of Liberty Skis Radian 100 - 2025


Liberty Skis Radian 100 - 2025

Next-Level Freeride Performance

Conquering New Terrain: Liberty Skis Scope 104

Liberty Skis prides itself on its commitment to innovation and performance, and the Scope 104 epitomizes this dedication. Designed for the skier who doesn't shy away from diverse mountain conditions, the Scope 104 emerges as the crown jewel in the 2025 Liberty Skis lineup. Its specs are tailored for the big mountain freerider, with dimensions that ensure versatility - 134mm at the tip, 104mm underfoot, and 124mm at the tail. Regardless of length, these dimensions guarantee a balance of float in deep snow and agility on groomers. Speaking of its size variants, whether it’s the nimbleness of the 164cm or the stability of the 188cm, every skier will find their match to execute precise and energized turns, thanks to the ski's varying turning radius. Furthermore, its innovative core, absent the need for heavy materials like carbon or bamboo, facilitates a light-weight experience that refuses to compromise on power or playful reliability. This ski is the aficionado’s choice for compliant, lively runs across all mountain terrains. The Scope 104's softer flex paired with Liberty Skis' subtle tip and tail rockers gifts skiers with the agility needed for intricate runs while sustaining control and dampening even at high speeds. Intermediate and advanced skiers, especially those who embrace both resort and backcountry adventures, will revel in the Scope 104's prowess. It's a ski that's not merely adaptive to the skier's environment; it commands it.

Versatile 134-104-124mm

Lightweight, energetic core

Soft flex, high stability

Tip & tail rocker

I tested these on bluebird and powder days back to back, and they impressed on both

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Nicolas M.

image of Liberty Skis Scope 104 - 2025


Liberty Skis Scope 104 - 2025

Where Performance Meets Playfulness

The Freerider's Delight: Scope 94 - 2025

Liberty Skis is excited to unveil the Scope 94 from our 2025 lineup. Meticulously designed to embody both fun and versatility, the Scope 94 is the quintessential selection for skiers seeking an exhilarating experience on diverse terrains. Whether it's the ungroomed wilds of Wild Child at Loveland or the neat, snowy stripes down Birds of Prey at Beaver Creek, the Scope 94 is aptly equipped to transform any run into an adventure. Our European-managed production ensures a focus on quality and sustainability, which aligns with our values at Liberty Skis.

The Scope 94 boasts an energetic core profile, tip and tail rocker, and lightweight construction, attributes carefully curated to deliver a dynamic skiing adventure. The range of sizes available includes 164cm to 188cm, with varying radii from 15m to 21m, ensuring a tailored fit for every freerider's preference. Furthermore, with the 'Recommended' mount position, the Scope 94 aligns you perfectly with the center of sidecut and camber, optimizing turn initiation and control.

In essence, the Scope 94 - 2025 model demonstrates Liberty Skis' continuous commitment to creating cutting-edge, high-performance skis that resonate with the current and future generations of mountain enthusiasts. The Scope 94 smoothly bridges the gap between all-mountain agility and uncompromised freeride joy, promising a ride that is as unforgettable as the winter landscapes you'll explore.

Versatile Freeride Fun

Energetic Core Profile

Eco-Friendly Production

Optimized Mount Position

More fun than I should be allowed to have!

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Sam P.

image of Liberty Skis Scope 94 - 2025


Liberty Skis Scope 94 - 2025

Discover the Future of Playful Performance

Redefining Versatility: The Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025

The Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025 stands at the forefront of innovative ski design, promising to transform your experience on the mountain. Catering to a range of abilities and styles, the Helix 99 combines the latest advancements in ski technology with the stellar reputation of Liberty Skis. Its finely crafted blend of bamboo, poplar, and carbon fiber gives skiers a unique balance of power, agility, and playful responsiveness. The ultra-durable topsheet ensures that these skis not only perform exceptionally but also withstand the rigors of varied terrain and conditions.

With the Helix 99's updated rocker profile, buttering down slopes becomes effortless, while its all-mountain capabilities mean you're prepared for anything, from pristine groomers to adventurous backcountry stashes. This makes it an ideal companion whether you're aiming for impressive airs in the park or seeking the freedom of the off-piste. The availability in four sizes – 172, 186, 165, and 179 – ensures that every skier can find the perfect fit to match their riding style and body type, optimizing their control and comfort on the slopes.

Liberty Skis continues to impress with its dedication to quality and performance. The Helix 99 - 2025 showcases this commitment, upholding the brand's philosophy of creating skis that are not just a tool for the mountains, but an extension of the skier. Look no further for a ski that will be the gift of the season, a present that promises epic memories on the slopes for years to come.

Bamboo, poplar, carbon core

Ultra-durable topsheet

Playful all-mountain ski

Sizes: 172, 186, 165, 179

These are wider than my normal park setup, but I found them to perform even better than my standbys. High spin rate and great weight to width ratio.

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Austin L.

image of Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025


Liberty Skis Helix 99 - 2025

A New Era of Precision and Playfulness

Introducing the Liberty Skis Horizon 92 - 2025

As we usher in the 2025 lineup, Liberty Skis is proud to showcase the epitome of innovation and performance with the Horizon 92 skis. A testimony to design excellence, these skis encapsulate the trailblazing spirit of our brand through their remarkable agility and power. The Horizon 92 is an all-rounder that is incredibly quick and nimble, making every turn and twist in the mountain's terrain feel like a breeze. The added titanal metal underfoot is a revelation, offering steadfast edge hold and exceptional dampness that seasoned skiers will appreciate.

The engagement doesn't stop there; the playful tips and tails of the Horizon 92 assure a lively yet controlled experience, suitable for those who love a bit of flair in their mountain descents. Enthusiasts will relish the personal touch provided by the craftsmanship from our renowned European factory, demonstrating Liberty Skis' commitment to individuality and quality. Available in a quartet of sizes, ranging from a spirited 145cm to a commanding 167cm, there's a perfect Horizon 92 for every skier seeking adventure without compromising on precision or pleasure on the slopes.

Embracing the future of skiing means approaching every hurdle with confidence, and the Horizon 92 is engineered for exactly that. Liberty Skis continues to push boundaries, ensuring every enthusiast from the casual to the serious can 'Discover the Mountains' Future' with our heralded 2025 lineup. The Horizon 92 doesn't just carry you down the mountain; it elevates every moment to a celebration of freedom and fun.

Titanal metal underfoot

Playful tips and tails

Sizes: 145cm to 167cm

Crafted in Europe

These skis are beautiful and energetic. I felt very confident at speed.

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Anna S.

image of Liberty Skis Horizon 92 - 2025


Liberty Skis Horizon 92 - 2025

Elevate Your Ski Experience

Master the Mountain with the Scope 94w - 2025

As part of our exciting 2025 lineup, Liberty Skis is proud to introduce the Scope 94w, a ski that promises to transform the way women conquer the mountainside. The Scope 94w is not simply a ski; it's a statement of power, performance, and poise. Its lighter build slashes through powder like a hot knife through butter, ensuring that each turn feels almost effortless. Combining both poplar and ash, this ski brings a beautiful balance that plays well in every setting, from the forgiving fluff to the more challenging crud. At the heart of the ski is a phenolic plate underfoot, reinforcing edge hold without sacrificing the joy of a smooth ride. The high-carbon race bases are like the cherry on top of this alpine delight, giving you the speed you need when the mountain opens up, leaving your fellow skiers in awe of your swift descent. Crafted with precision and care in our European-managed factory, the Scope 94w sets the benchmark for what a women-specific model can and should be. Available in lengths of 164, 152, and 158, the Scope 94w accommodates various rider preferences and styles, ensuring a tailored fit for each adventurer on the slopes. As always, Liberty Skis remains committed to innovation and excellence, and the Scope 94w is a testament to our dedication to offering skiers the best possible experience on the snow.

Light & Powerful

Playful & Stable

High-Carbon Race Base

Women-Specific Design

I didn't think that I could ever love skis as much as my Evolv W series - but now I do!

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Anna S.

image of Liberty Skis Scope 94w - 2025


Liberty Skis Scope 94w - 2025