Liberty Skis
Helix 98 - 2024

Länge (cm): 165
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Unabhängig vom Gelände sorgt der Helix 98 für Spaß. Die breitere Plattform sorgt in Kombination mit einer innovativen Form und Flexibilität für einen vielseitigen, dynamischen und stabilen Ski. Unser exklusiver Liberty-Bambus-, Pappel- und Carbonkern verleiht dem Ski ein einzigartiges Flexmuster, das ihn an den Spitzen und Enden verspielt, aber unter den Füßen stabil und vorhersehbar hält.


Länge (cm)

Abmessungen (mm)

Radius (m)

Gewicht (g)*

165 cm


17 Min.

Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1700g

172 cm


18 m

Schweinefilet ca. 1800g

179 cm


19,5 m

Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1900g

186 cm




*Durchschnittliches Gewicht in Gramm pro Ski +/- 4 %.


Speedcore Carbon ist unser bewährter Bambus-, Pappel- und Carbonkern, der leicht, stark und reaktionsfreudig ist.
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Stealth Rocker nutzt einen langen, niedrigen Tip-Rocker und Camber unter dem Fuß sowie ein flaches Tail für eine einfache Schwungeinleitung, ohne auf Kantengriff und Lebendigkeit zu verzichten.
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Effektive Wendekante: 85 %
Tip Rocker: 10%
Heckwölbung: 5% 


Die Montagemarkierung „Empfohlen“ richtet Sie in der Mitte des Sidecuts und der Wölbung des Skis aus. Dies ermöglicht in den meisten Situationen die beste Kurveneinleitung und Kontrolle. Alle Montagepositionsmessungen werden vom Heck entlang der Skioberfläche durchgeführt.



165 cm

745 mm 

172 cm


179 cm

815 mm

186 cm

850 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Craig Murphy

Not sure how many of you have been behind the wheel of Porche 911 s4. but its kinda like that. Yah Freakin Whooo

Ryland Grimm

Living in Revelstoke we mainly ski powder and big mountains. But what about those off days when you wanna tear up the park as well as the rest of the mountain? These things are my go to. With 98 underfoot you can still shred some pow and jib around the whole mountain on your way to the park. Once you're there these puppy's wont disappoint. With the bamboo, poplar and carbon core these things have so much pop and will allow you to stomp tricks deep in the landing. Also very durable for smashing into rails and other log jibs you can find around the mountain. 10/10 would recommend

Mark Spinney

Where can I start? The width of these makes them so versatile. If it snows a couple inches more I can rip the trails and just hop in the park without a hitch. I’d consider myself a park skier but I enjoy all aspects of skiing and these skis can totally be used on so many parts of the mountain. I haven’t had many 98 underfoot park skis but now this will be my go to size. I had no issues having extra width and doing spins onto rails and switch ups. It improved my landings if anything. They are nice and light which makes for a great park experience. Flex wise you are getting a solid ski under your feet but more flex as you move towards the tip and tail. You can definitely get your nose butters or tail butters way off the ground. At the same time the underfoot stability makes it possible to land at the bottom of jump landings and not wash out cause of over flexing. It’s the perfect medium flex. If you look at the shape as a whole you can just see such the clean hour glass shape. The word I would use is sleek. Not many 98s can say that. The nose is perfect sized with no strange contours. It gradually gets wider at the nose and perfectly shapes out throughout the rest of the ski. I have a racing past and putting these to my best carve test was a joy. Early season ice was no match. The edges are tough against rails too with a little thicker metal. I’ve loved so many things about this ski in the park this year. Can’t wait to use them for years to come!

Brian Q-S

As a kid who still can't decide between my love for all mountain/freeride and park skiing, these skis can truly do it all. I know that there are other skis that are marketed towards people like this, but they are usually too soft or can't handle big landings and lack durability (cough cough CT 3.0s). The good qualities about these skis: They are thick and durable, and the top of the skis don't show scratches on them (if you care about aesthetics). I have gone off rocks smashed into trees and landed tips down on 15 foot jumps and the skis look and function like they are straight out of the box. Next, the flex is also super refreshing, they have the stiffness for landing big park jumps and backcountry drops but still pop and butter like nothing (it does take a little more effort though). The stability is also great, I have landed super off center, backseat, way too far forward when landing switch, and everytime I recovery perfectly. These are just great skis, but do file down the edges so they aren't so sharp, it really did a number to my graphics when I failed 360s or hit the skis together.

Sam Wechsler

These skis (helix 98) are the best skis I have ever owned/used. They have the best style on the mountain, and look the absolute best. This is my first pair of Liberty Skis and they have an amazing performance and I am really impressed with with them. These skis are perfect for all conditions and all types of trails. I ski in the east and it’s not the best conditions, but these skis do amazing in them no troubles. I recently went to Utah and skied some fresh powder, they also did very very amazing in that. Overall these skis are amazing and I couldn’t get anything better. I am super happy that I bought these and recommend them to anyone else looking for an all mountain ski that also enjoys the park.