Liberty Skis
Helix 88 - 2024

Länge (cm): 168
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Von Weltcup-Podiumsplätzen bis hin zu olympischen Austragungsorten verfügt der Helix 88 über die fortschrittliche Form und solide Konstruktion, die anspruchsvolle Fahrer verlangen, und ist gleichzeitig ein wirklich leistungsfähiger All-Mountain-Twin-Tip. Die symmetrische Form, gepaart mit leichtem Bambus, Pappel und Kohlefaser, ergibt einen langlebigen und energiegeladenen Twin-Tip, den Sie überall hin mitnehmen können.


Länge (cm)

Abmessungen (mm)

Radius (m)

Gewicht (g)*

168 cm



Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1500g

175 cm



Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1650g

182 cm



Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1750g

*Durchschnittliches Gewicht in Gramm pro Ski +/- 4 %.


Speedcore Carbon ist unser bewährter Bambus-, Pappel- und Carbonkern, der leicht, stark und reaktionsfreudig ist.
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Der klassische Camber erzeugt Spitzen- und Heckdruck für maximalen Kantengriff und Energie.
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Effektive Wendekante: 90 %
Tip Rocker: 5%
Heckwölbung: 5% 


Die Montagemarkierung „Empfohlen“ richtet Sie in der Mitte des Sidecuts und der Wölbung des Skis aus. Dies ermöglicht in den meisten Situationen die beste Kurveneinleitung und Kontrolle. Alle Montagepositionsmessungen werden vom Heck entlang der Skioberfläche durchgeführt.



168 cm

770 mm 

175 cm

805 mm

182 cm

840 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nathan Mitchell

These skis rip. They rip everywhere. I’ve got about 10 spring days on them now and I’ve been impressed by how well they shred from front side to back side. I center mounted them and they’re intuitive in the bumps, still leave trenches in the groomers and are light enough to throw 7’s off the small jumps. Can’t recommend these enough if you want something light and playful to go play on the hill.

Camden Williams

These skis are seriously awesome. They’re extremely light while being insanely durable at the same time. The most durable skis I’ve ever rode by far. They honestly just want to make you ski like Max Moffat.

Joe Cuesta

Love these skis for park. They have held up better than other park skis I’ve had in the past. Got my first dub on these skis.

Alex Brown

Hey, your skis are seriously one of the best skis I rode, when I first riding these 3 years ago I had to get used to them because they were wide but when I got used to them I really got to like them. Definitely going to invest in more of these in the future! Keep it up.

Chad Young

These skis rip! I need a narrow waisted ski for those frontside days in the bumps and for spring backcountry days in the corn. I had a ski that was too stiff. I spoke with the Liberty guys about my issue with narrow skis being built sooo stiff for carving icy groomers. I don't live for that kind of skiing! They recommended the Helix: It's not just a park rat, it likes to ski. TRUE THAT! This ski is so quick edge to edge (it better be at 88mm), gets into a turn with authority, slices the bumps when/if you need and schlurves/skids whenever you ask. I'd write more, but I'm guessing y'all aren't interested in analyzing every shape/style turn. If you like to turn, take this ski for a ride!...and they look good.