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Evolv 90w - 2024

Länge (cm): 151
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Der Evolv 90w ist unser vielseitigster All-Mountain-Ski für Damen. Mit VMT 3.0W® und gegossenen Polyurethan-Seitenwänden bleibt es spritzig und schnell, mit genügend Breite, um bei jeder Art von Schnee eine vorhersehbare Plattform zu schaffen. Wenn Sie einen Performance-Ski suchen, mit dem Sie überall auf dem Berg Kurven ziehen können, ist der geschmeidige und souveräne Evolv 90w die perfekte Wahl.


Länge (cm)

Abmessungen (mm)

Radius (m)

Gewicht (g)*

151 cm


12,5 m

1455 g

158 cm


14 m

Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1520g

165 cm


15,5 m

Ca. 1600g

172 cm


17 Min.

Schweinefleisch-Schinken ca. 1700g

*Durchschnittliches Gewicht in Gramm pro Ski +/- 4 %.


VMT3.0W® ist speziell auf Frauen zugeschnitten und umfasst dieselben zwei zusätzlichen Streben aus Aluminiumlegierung und vorgehärtete Kohlefaser sowie leichtes Paulownia anstelle der äußeren Schichten aus Pappelholz.
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Der Hammer Rocker verfügt über eine früh ansteigende Spitze und einen Camber zurück zum Heck für kraftvollen Kantengriff und präzise Kurvenform.
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Effektive Wendekante: 85 %
Tip Rocker: 15%


Die Montagemarkierung „Empfohlen“ richtet Sie in der Mitte des Sidecuts und der Wölbung des Skis aus. Dies ermöglicht in den meisten Situationen die beste Kurveneinleitung und Kontrolle. Alle Montagepositionsmessungen werden vom Heck entlang der Skioberfläche durchgeführt.

Evolv 90w


151 cm

650 mm

158 cm

685 mm

165 cm

720 mm

172 cm

755 mm

Customer Reviews

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Saundra Stringer

I was recently at revelstoke and this ski can do it all. To access the new 2 ft of snow off thre stoke, we has to negotiate a windswept hard as a rock groomer and some significant black diamond moguls. I was expecting to do a bit of suffering on what to someone 5’2”, 105 lbs is a big ski! but these skis were great in all conditions, amazing amount of forgiveness! I have a pair of genesis that i use in powder at baker and they are amazing and a pair of stoklii for hard groomers, but these skis have the stiffness and torsional stability to have fun in all conditions at bigger mountain resorts! I expected a target ski and received a fun fun fun all around ski!! And that pink realllly stands out, my husband could easily find me on a snowy and foggy day! Lol!
Thanks liberty!


This is a great choice if you are looking for a ski that can perform all over the mountain. I love bamboo. It is the perfect material. This ski is not pinked and shrinked! It is a sk that loves getting out and exploring all that a mountain has to offer.


The Evolv 90w is an all-mountain multi-tool designed to make your face hurt from smiling so hard. Designed with Liberty’s revolutionary Vertical Metal Technology—struts of metal sandwiched vertically between lightweight wood stringers, rather than two sheets of metal laid above and below the core—this ski has all the confidence-inspiring stability and edge-grip without the muscle-burning weight. It goads you to go faster, ski longer, explore further, and is always up for the challenge. The 90 waist is perfect for venturing all over, from arcing perfect turns on groomed to surfing boot-top fluff in the trees. It’s also remarkably forgiving when you want to back it off and slide it around; it readily welcomes your input. (Personal side note: This ski singlehandedly changed my 12-year-old daughter’s outlook on our great sport. It strikes the perfect balance between stability and fun, and gave her the support she needed to tackle the fall line rather than just survive it.) It’s poppy, playful, responsive, and yet bites like hell when you want it to. A lot of that playfulness has to do with its sidewall material, which is made from the more energetic polyethylene (rather than the usual damper polyurethane). But because both of those words have five syllables and are hard to pronounce (not to mention spell), the only thing you really need to know is that the Evolv 90 is versatile for a wide range of abilities in a huge range of terrain—East and West. If you’ve never skied a Liberty before, this is the one to try.