Coors Light Helix 98 - 2021

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Length (cm): 165

Offered in a versatile 98mm waist, and retaining the do-anything DNA of its award-winning predecessor, the Helix98 is a one-ski wrecking machine. Versatile, energetic, and stable, the Helix98 features easy turn initiation and floatation with control from our signature bamboo and poplar core. Crush the entire mountain with performance and a grin.


Dimensions 133-98-121 @179cm
Radius 19.5m @179cm
Weight 1850g @179cm 


Speedcore Carbon is our time-tested bamboo, poplar, and carbon core that is light, strong, and responsive.
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Stealth Rocker utilizes a long, low tip rocker and camber under foot and a flat tail for easy turn initiation without sacrificing edge grip and liveliness.
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Effective Turning Edge: 85%
Tip Rocker: 10%
Tail Rocker: 5% 

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