Liberty is a company dedicated to the mountains and to the skiers who seek them out. We have skiers from every background working here in Avon, CO, but we all share the same commitment to crafting exceptional products to make any ski experience better. Whether we started as snowboarders, escaped the corporate world, grew up ski racing, or knew the ski industry is where we were destined to work, we all add something valuable to the way Liberty makes skis and does business.

Meet The Company

James Satloff

Founder and Chairman

Dan Chalfant

Founder, CEO, and Ski Designer 

Chris Sears

Chief Operating Officer


National Sales Manager


Creativity Associate

Austin Coll

Graphic Designer

Our Philosophy

Details Matter

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Our Story

Finding Freedom

Our Story
Our Home

Avon, Colorado

The location of Liberty HQ high in the Colorado Rockies affords us the chance to test our skis in a wide variety of conditions over a long season. With access to an incredible diversity of terrain, from world-class parks to massive backcountry lines and everything in between, our designs flow directly from our surroundings.