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Liberty is a company dedicated to the mountains and to the skiers who seek them out.  We have skiers from every background working here in Avon, CO, but we all share the same commitment to crafting exceptional products to make any ski experience better.  Whether we started as snowboarders, escaped the corporate world, grew up ski racing, or knew the ski industry is where we were destined to work, we all add something valuable to the way Liberty makes skis and does business.  

Liberty Skis Dan Chalfant

Dan Chalfant

Founder, CEO, and Ski Designer 

Liberty Skis James Satloff

James Satloff

Founder and Chairman

Liberty Skis Chris Sears

Chris Sears

Chief Operating Officer

Liberty Skis Tim Dyer

Tim Dyer

National Sales Manager 

Liberty Skis Colin Sutherland

Colin Sutherland

Athlete and Content Manager 

Liberty Skis Sydney Elliott

Sydney Elliott

Graphic Designer

Liberty Skis Shop Dog


Scooby Doo

In The Mountains Details Matter

Mountains can be unforgiving places, but we make them our home because with the right focus, they are the most rewarding places. 

At Liberty, details matter.

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More than just our name, liberty is the reason we make skis and what we seek in the mountains. Snow is where we find freedom. If you find a better job, let us know.