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At Liberty, our commitment to crafting great skis and doing business the right way means we sweat the little stuff. 


Size Chart

Ski Size Chart
Liberty Skis Mounting Point

Mounting Point

If you do not know where to mount your new Liberty skis, we suggest they be mounted on the “Standard” line. The “Standard” mount mark is designed to align the ball of the skier’s foot in most boot sizes with the center of sidecut and camber of the ski.  The allows for the best turn initiation and control in most situations.

Liberty Skis Brake Width

Brake Width

Need help selecting which brake size will work for your skis? Check out our Brake Size Chart. 

Brake Size Chart

Liberty Skis Mounting and Tuning

Mounting & Tuning

Mounting recommendations:

For the Origin line, Genesis line, V80w, V87w, Transfer, and Helix line, please use a 3,5 x 9 bit.

For the V-Series, please use a 4,1x 9 bit.

Tuning recommendations:

base edge bevel 1°; side edge bevel 2°



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Liberty Skis Sponsorship Team Athletes Ambassadors


At Liberty Skis, we receive literally thousands of sponsorship requests each year. For obvious reasons, we cannot sponsor everyone. 

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Liberty Skis Careers


Candidates must be a goal driven, highly motivated, entrepreneurial, able to work independently, posses a good sense of humor and and thrive in a small company work environment.  It should go without saying you need to ski. 

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Liberty Skis Internship


Liberty is always looking for talented interns. Applicants must understand that all intern positions are unpaid, but if you are a college student, your school should provide you with college credit. 

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