Liberté Skis Evolv 100 - 2024

Longueur (cm): 172
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La forme idéale et la construction puissante pour affronter de plus grandes montagnes et plus de neige, l'Evolv 100, avec la technologie VMT 3.0® intégrée, se positionne parfaitement pour le skieur aventureux tout-terrain. Que vous recherchiez de la neige fraîche, un peu de ski dans les arbres ou que vous fassiez de beaux arcs sur des dameuses, l'Evolv 100 a ce qu'il vous faut.


Longueur (cm)

Dimensions (mm)

Rayon (m)

Poids (g)*

172 cm




179 cm




186 cm




*Poids moyen en grammes par ski +/- 4%.


VMT 3.0® va encore plus loin dans notre technologie à succès de noyau métallique vertical en ajoutant deux entretoises supplémentaires en alliage d'aluminium de chaque côté de l'entretoise centrale. Cela crée une conduite précise et silencieuse, légère et agile dans des conditions difficiles.
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Hammer Rocker est doté d'une spatule à montée précoce et d'un cambre arrière jusqu'au tail pour une adhérence puissante et une forme de virage précise.
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Tournant efficace : 85 %
Tip Rocker: 15%


La marque de montage « Recommandé » vous alignera au centre de la ligne de cotes et du cambre du ski. Cela permet une meilleure initiation et un meilleur contrôle des virages dans la plupart des situations. Toutes les mesures de position de montage sont prises à partir de la queue le long de la surface du ski.


Position du Mont

172 cm


179 cm


186 cm

820 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Evolv 100: Combines the light and lively heart of all Liberty skis with metal technology that lets you ride a rail, get tenacious grip on from snow, turn on a dime, blast through crud, or float in some deep pow. Short, medium or long turns at slow or high speeds. No chatter here. Strong but nimble. Stiff enough, not too stiff. Smoooooth. Front side or backside, can do it all. You don't need to be a young freerider or aggressive skier to make these things rock. Hey, a Porsche is fun to drive at slow speeds or warp speeds, in traffic or in on the open road. And they look good too!


super fun do-it-all ski... works well on the hardpack and is awesome when there's 2-6" of the crush stuff. As a bonus it also handles crud pretty well too.


I finally got to ski my new Liberty Evolv 100 prototypes. I had two days on them, one with 9” of fresh powder and another with an inch on groomers. They performed great on both. They floated through the pow, easily gliding through the tight trees. The hammer rocker design was super effective. On the groomers, the stiffness of the vertical metal is well balanced with the springiness of the bamboo and poplar core. You get the stiff stability of the metal ribs, along with great responsiveness of the wood. The ski effortlessly springs out of the previous turn as I start the next. Plus, they're super light. I’m overall very happy with these skis. Huge improvement over my last pair.


My Liberty Evolv 100s (186cm) will be the last skis I ever buy. Period. End. Stop. I ski on the east coast and out west. I've used these skis on east coast ice, carving groomers, and shredding west coast spring corn on these babies. With the right wax, they do it all. I tour (inbounds) on them at our local resort when my kids are in ski school. I mounted a pair of Marker Duke PT 16s and up they go. They're not too heavy on the way up, yet they are stiff enough on the way down. At 6’7” and a few pounds above my college prime, my equipment needs to be burly. Sometimes that means sacrificing performance. Not with these skis and this setup. The Evolv 100s have the width to use on snowier days, but hold an edge on groomers, and are even maneuverable in the bumps. If you're going to by one last pair of skis, these are the ones. And if you are the type of person that likes a different pair of skis for different conditions, the Evolv 100s are the closest thing to a Swiss Army knife you can find!

Jamie Stone

I can't speak highly enough about the evolv 100. It’s like a race ski and freeride ski had a baby and that baby grew up to be the golden child! This is my go to choice for any conditions. It rips on the groomers, pow, trees, steeps, and airs! The coolest thing is the metal inlaid tip and tail. Nobody likes to watch there skis delaminate. Well it doesn't happen on these skis! Game changing!