Esquís Liberty Origin 106 - 2023

Longitud (cm): 171
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El Origin 106 es la referencia en esquís polivalentes de gran montaña. ¿Cómo podríamos mejorar el rendimiento de este clásico liviano de bambú, álamo y fibra de carbono? Al agregar VMT 1.0® y paredes laterales de poliuretano vertido, el Origin 106 ahora es aún más suave y más capaz en nieve dura. El mejor esquí de su clase acaba de mejorar.


Longitud (cm)

Dimensiones (mm)

Radio (m)

Peso (g)*















21,5 metros


*Peso medio en gramos por esquí +/- 4%.


VMT 1.0® combina nuestro característico núcleo de madera de bambú y álamo, un puntal central de aleación de aluminio y tiras de fibra de carbono precuradas en la parte superior para ayudar a mantener la estabilidad direccional y la rigidez torsional.
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Incorpora rocker en espátula y cola con camber positivo bajo los pies para una máxima flotación y una sensación divertida, manteniendo al mismo tiempo el rendimiento en nieve dura.
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Borde de giro efectivo: 65%
Tip Rocker: 20%
Curvatura de la cola: 15% 


La marca de montaje "Recomendado" lo alineará en el centro de la línea de cotas y el camber del esquí. Esto permite el mejor inicio y control de giros en la mayoría de situaciones. Todas las medidas de la posición de la montura se toman desde la cola a lo largo de la superficie del esquí.

Origen 106

Posición de montaje


770 mm


800 mm


825 mm


850 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Abigail Anderson

The Origin 106 was my daily driver all year! From hard pack days to deep storms here in the Wasatch, it handled anything and everything! It holds its own on a groomer and gives me the most confidence when ripping the cirque at Snowbird each day. A true all-mountain beauty. The weight of the ski is light enough to maneuver in tight spaces, but solid enough to plow through chop without getting tossed around. Definitely a staple in my quiver of Liberty skis.

Ryan Daley

The 2024 Origin 106 is a fantastic all mountain ski. It captures the poppy and playful spirit of previous Origins and with the addition of the VMT metal it is just that much more capable ripping groomers, navigating variable conditions confidently and continuing to slay every powder day. I live next to Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole and I can use this ski on any given day of the season, even in deep storms. It rips groomers like a 95 cm ski. Very impressed and happy I found Liberty several years ago!!

Henry Albert

The Origin 106 has been one of the highlights of this underwhelming season. Having used and loved the Origin 106 backcountry variant I was very excited to give these guys a try. Over the past few weeks I haven't been let down! The remarkable versatility seamlessly carries me from groomed trails to somewhat powder filled slopes. The bamboo and poplar core strikes an ideal balance of responsiveness and stability, while the moderate rocker profile ensures excellent floatation in deep snow. Whether I'm slicing through hardpack or hunting for untouched powder, the Origin 106 delivers a fun and dependable ride every time. It has quickly become my top choice for all mountain exploration deep in the Rocky Mountains.

Frank Hemmerich

We don't get a lot of soft snow, but when we do this ski preforms amazingly. But it also holds an edge well on groomers and through the East Coast ice patches. It is a stiff ski, really fun for ripping down and making large turns, but it is still playful and butter-able. This is definitely my favorite ski. I recently broke my park ski and I think I will have to get another pair of Liberty's to replace them. Such and fun ski. Buy them, the smile it will bring is worth every penny.

Brendan Trieb

If you're looking for a wider ski for soft snow in the East, or a true do everything everyday driver for the West, look no further. I rode this ski more than any other last season, and that is because it handles every condition so well. From 2 feet of fresh storm days at Snowbird, to hard packed windblown steeps in Whistler, to spring corn and hot laps at Mt. Bachelor, I believe this ski handles any condition on any mountain as well as any all mountain ski on the market. While the ski feels relatively soft when hand flexing, torsional stiffness and a sidecut that matches the rocker profile provides excellent edge hold and stability when carving groomers, or hop turning down steep chutes. Surprisingly good float and light swing weight for a ski this size further contribute to make this ski an excellent all mountain, everyday tool. If I was going on a trip with one pair of skis and didn't know what the conditions would be, I would take the Origin 106 every single time.