Esquís Liberty Origin 101 - 2024

Longitud (cm): 171
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El Origin 101 tiene el ancho perfecto para afrontar lo que le depare el día. Con construcción VMT 1.0® y paredes laterales de PU, el 101 puede tallar la parte delantera y saltar hacia atrás con confianza. Con la agilidad de un esquí más estrecho y suficiente flotación para suavizar los días de nieve, el nuevo Origin 101 es tu billete para montar en cualquier montaña.


Longitud (cm)

Dimensiones (mm)

Radio (m)

Peso (g)*



16,5 metros




17,5 metros





1925 gramos





*Peso medio en gramos por esquí +/- 4%.


VMT 1.0® combina nuestro característico núcleo de madera de bambú y álamo, un puntal central de aleación de aluminio y tiras de fibra de carbono precuradas en la parte superior para ayudar a mantener la estabilidad direccional y la rigidez torsional.
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Incorpora rocker en espátula y cola con camber positivo bajo los pies para una máxima flotación y una sensación divertida, manteniendo al mismo tiempo el rendimiento en nieve dura.
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Borde de giro efectivo: 70%
Tip Rocker: 20%
Curvatura de la cola: 10% 


La marca de montaje "Recomendado" lo alineará en el centro de la línea de cotas y el camber del esquí. Esto permite el mejor inicio y control de giros en la mayoría de situaciones. Todas las medidas de la posición de la montura se toman desde la cola a lo largo de la superficie del esquí.

Origen 101

Posición de montaje


770 mm


800 mm


825 mm


850 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

After talking to Tim D. at our local event I bought a set of OG 90s. Had the Origin 90 for 8 years.They are still in used and loved, but wanted to treat myself to a new ski. After my kids are skiing and shredding on their own ( the 90s took a beating teaching my daughter to board).
I went to the 101 with the VMT and expected it to feel much harder to turn over then my 90s.
I only felt a small difference for the first half of the run.
These 101s are so much fun!! Playful on bumps and jumps, stable at speed. I love them.
With the way Origins ride and the 1st rate customer service. I will never own a ski from another brand. You guys got me hooked!
Thanks for everything you guys have done. Customer for life.

Joe M

I’ve been riding the 21/22 Origin 101 on soft snow days since Spring 21. Prolly have about 20 days on them total. I’m a PNW skier, 6’ 180lbs, middle advanced, all mtn. I find them to be extremely versatile but prefer them when there’s 3+ inches of fresh, as I have other skis for harder snow days. They are SO fun and easy to ski! There’s enough rocker at both ends to make turn initiation totally intuitive and I never feel locked into a turn unless I want to be. Nimble! The tail releases whenever I want. They slash and smear with utmost ease, yet the camber is there when I hit an icy patch or feel like laying down some carving turns. While they are playful to the core, there is that VMT backbone that does provide confidence over/through relatively soft chop and steeper/faster turns. Definitely not a noodle, they’re actually quite strong but not to the point of being bossy. Good in moguls despite it’s width due to the nimbleness. Good float but i’ll probably get a dedicated powder ski for 12”+ days. Hmmmm, Oh yeah, they’re super poppy and springy and make me want to pop off everything i see. Bouncy like Tigger! Not the dampest ski in in my quiver, Declivity 92 is that but has 2 sheets of metal so duh. Great skis and some of the funn-est top sheets out there. Love seeing others wear them on the hill, looks like candy…fun candy!


The Origin 101 is nimble, playful and a true do-it-all ski that likes to have fun. They are quick edge to edge and will hold that edge very nicely, but can still play around in corn and new snow. No problems taking them through the park for a few laps and then into the trees or bumps. You'll have a hard time passing up taking these skis out of the car every day


Quiver killer; this is truly one ski to rule them all, no matter what the mountain throws at you. VMT creates such a stable and predictable flex pattern that allows you to just ‘point and shoot’ no matter the terrain. Damp enough to handle the crust, enough early rise to float all over. The low swing-weight makes them weapons in the park as well. Try finding something these skis can’t do.


The Origin101 is the perfect combination of playful and sporty. It was easy to break into a slash and slide a turn, but they hooked up as soon as you wanted them to. They are also so light! I couldn’t imagine a better east coast do it all ski.