Esquís Liberty Helix 84 - 2022

Longitud (cm): 128
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El Helix 84 es un esquí freeride de alto rendimiento para ciclistas más pequeños. Tomamos el mismo ADN de freestyle all-mountain del Helix 88 y lo redujimos para crear un esquí versátil y fácil de maniobrar que realizará carvings a alta velocidad en pistas heladas, además de realizar trucos en el parque y surfear en polvo.


Dimensiones 115-84-110 @148cm
Radio 14m @148cm
Peso 1450g @148cm 


Speedcore Carbon es nuestro núcleo de bambú, álamo y carbono probado en el tiempo que es ligero, fuerte y sensible.
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Stealth Rocker utiliza un rocker y camber largo y bajo en la punta bajo el pie y una cola plana para facilitar el inicio de los giros sin sacrificar el agarre de los cantos y la vivacidad.
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Ventaja de cambio efectiva: 85 %
Sugerencia: 10 %
Balancín de cola: 5 % 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Adam Yarbrough
High hopes

Bought these for my 7yo, soon to be 8, son. He hasn't seen them yet much less ridden them, so we can't speak to the ski. With that said, I have 3 pair of Liberty skis and love each one. He is going to be stoked to be rocking the same skis as Dad.
Liberty is a top notch company and I have all the faith that these skis will let my lil shredder do his thing with a big smile on his face. Team Liberty!!!

Griffin Good

I've put over 200 days on Helix 84s. Most of the time has been in the park but I've also skied them in steeps, powder, and even rain last spring. They work great no matter the type of terrain or conditions. And they hold up to a lot of rail skiing.

Darin Mcbeath

Absolutely love the ski. Perfect in the park but still playful all over the mountain. Liberty is the best and I am now hoping to get some Genesis skis next year!!!


I love my other liberty skis and wanted to add a set of park skis to my quiver. If you’re 5’3” lady shredder like me, the sizes available for the helix 88 might seem a little long. Don’t fret! The helix 84 crushes jumps and the pipe just as well as its big brothers. At first I was skeptical purchasing a youth ski, but I’ve found them quite stable both when landing jumps and aggressively carving the groomers. Riding switch is a breeze and the swing weight is nonexistent when


If you’re a 5”3’ lady shredder like myself, finding a decent park ski can be a bit of a struggle. Everything either seems way too long or pinked-and-shrinked to a point well past embarrassment. Well not these skis! I chose the helix 84 based on the brand (love my genesis 96’s) and the sick topsheet design. I was a little worried about how a youth ski would hold up to my aggressive jumping and jibbing in and out of the park, but those worries were baseless. These skis rip. I’m landing 180s off kickers and wind rollers without even thinking about it. I’ve taken some tumbles that might have snapped a comparable ski. These “skinny skis” even held their own in the trees on a surprise pow day. Don’t sleep on this one, petite skiers! The helix 84 is for you!