The Original Quiver Killer

The Origin Series is the original quiver killer ski that can handle any condition, from groomers backcountry pow. With its versatile shape and high-quality VMT 1.0® core construction, the Origin Series is the go-to choice for skiers who want one ski to do it all.

Whether you're carving turns on the groomers or exploring untouched terrain in the backcountry, the Origin Series delivers exceptional performance and reliable durability. Its lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability, while its responsive edge-to-edge control ensures stability and precision.


The VMT 1.0® core utilizes a combination of bamboo, carbon fiber, and vertical strips of aluminum alloy. This unique combination of materials ensures durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight design. Bamboo provides a natural and sustainable element, while the carbon fiber adds rigidity and resilience for the best possible ride. The vertical strips of aluminum alloy further enhance the overall stability of the core.