Evolv100 - 2020
Evolv100 - 2020

Evolv100 - 2020

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Are you looking for a ski profile and construction that does it all? The NEW evolv100, with integrated VMT technology, positions itself perfectly for the adventurous, all-terrain skier. Whether looking for a good bump line, a little tree skiing, or laying down beautiful arcs on the groomed, the evolv100 has you covered.

| Tech Specs |

SIZES    172, 179, 186cm

DIMENSIONS    139-100-122 @179cm

RADIUS     19m @179cm  

WEIGHT     1930g @179cm 

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Liberty Skis Evolv 100 Freeride, All-Terrain, All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis Evolv 100 Freeride, All-Terrain, All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis Evolv 100 Freeride, All-Terrain, All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis Bomb Rocker Profile

Rocker Profile

Core Profile

Liberty Skis Core Profile Speedcore Carbon

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Customer Reviews

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Industry Reviews

Ski Magazine

With vertically oriented alloy struts in the core, the ski could hold its own on hard snow, but maintained a high level of versatility thanks to a girthy waist and perfectly placed shovel rocker. It was the ski’s rebound that really impressed a few testers, however, launching some of them out of turns with big smiles. Full Review Here

Blister Gear

"If you love to carve hard on groomers, occasionally head into the trees and bumps, and want a ski that lets you do so without tiring you out before the end of the day, the Evolv100 is worth a look."


It’s so well balanced and responsive to steering input that even the most irregular snow requires less effort to navigate. Its ability to maintain its composure when under assault by adverse conditions allows the pilot to relax, a real energy saver on a pow day. Full review here 

Pug Ski

Why choose the Evolv 100? You have a bit of rebel in you. No worries, you can still be a nonconformist with the Liberty, but not at the cost of performance. The Evolv is a no-compromise ski that is a viable alternative to the mainstream.

Ski Essentials

With a wider platform to stand on, the Evolv100 has a great shape, build, and profile to rip around the whole mountain on. For a ski without full sheets of metal, it's one of the most stable skis I've ever been on. I love the way they put in the vertical metal struts to make the ski flex evenly and smoothly. While the V82/92 skis have three struts, the two struts in the Evolv series is perfect for the design. With a bamboo and poplar wood core, you get a snappy, light, and quick set of skis that loves to be pushed to higher speeds, ultimately leading to more fun.