V76  - 2020
V76  - 2020

V76 - 2020

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Looking for a precision carving machine in a narrow waist? The V76 is smooth and quick, with just enough early-rise in the tip to ease turn initiation. Equipped with the VMT core, bamboo, poplar, and a sandwich carbon layup, the V76 is proven to perform. 

| Tech Specs |

SIZES    165, 172, 179cm

DIMENSIONS    126-76-106 @179cm

RADIUS     15m @179cm  

WEIGHT     1800g @179cm


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Liberty Skis V-Series V76 Carving, Frontside, and All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis V-Series V76 Carving, Frontside, and All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis V-Series V76 Carving, Frontside, and All-Mountain Ski
Liberty Skis Hammer Rocker Profile

Rocker Profile

Core Profile

Liberty Skis Core Profile VMT

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Customer Reviews

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Industry Reviews

Ski Magazine

Wallace: “One of the most accessible skis in this class.” Full Review Here

Exotic Skis

Bottom line: if you like carving on packed surfaces, demo these new Liberty skis.  They feel damp and controlled without being heavy, while delivering an energetic response and agility and great turn shapes that auto-complete as you ride them through their arcs. Full review here 

Ski Essentials

skied the entire VMT line in February here in our home base in Vermont, and was impressed with the continuity of the personality across the whole VMT line. Smooth, excellent vibration control, excellent power handling and silky turn behaviors mated with a surprising amount of grip at speed on hard surfaces for a non-race ski design. 

Real Skiers

The behavior that earned the V76 a succulent 9.0 for Forgiveness/Ease is its large performance envelope and therefore suitability for a considerable slice of the skiing public. It transitions from short, sinuous tracks to medium to long without the slightest indication it prefers one over another. It responds up and down the speed range, whether pressured at a low edge angle or leaned into on a high one.


Tester: Drahtguy Kevin

"Smooth and eager to please" describes this ski to a T. Getting in and out of turns is quick and energetic. A secure feel underfoot made me want to go faster and faster on the groomed and off. Whatever I threw at this ski was devoured with ease and comfort. One of the surprises of the testing season for me.