V92 - 2021

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Looking for directional stability in a ski that can handle a wide variety of snow conditions? The V92 is your ride. VMT® core, slight tip rocker, and a full carbon layup create a smooth and powerful ride in firmer conditions, while the wider platform allows enough float to excel in chopped up snow.


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V92 - 2021
V92 - 2021
V92 - 2021
V92 - 2021
V92 - 2021

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The V92 In Action

Technical Specifications

SIZES 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
DIMENSIONS 133-92-120 @179cm
RADIUS 17.5m @179cm
WEIGHT 1975g @179cm

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The V92 is the widest model in the V-series lineup, and testers praised its corduroy-devour- ing capabilities along with its ability to handle variable terrain with finesse. Sexauer: “For a firm snow groomer day this thing is a no brainer.”

Ski Magazine

Everything we just mentioned is then sandwiched in between two full sheets of carbon fiber from tip to tail. Yes, you read that right. Vertical metal, multi-wood core, steel plates, two full sheets of metal, and unique tip and tail protectors. That's serious construction for any ski manufacturer, and we'll go a little further to say that's exceptionally impressive to see from Liberty.

Ski Essentials

The V92 is one of those skis you instantly admire because it seems to adapt to you, rather than the other way around. Skied with minimal energy, it skis a clean, round turn with a smooth finish. If you ask it to drift, it complies. Pump up the speed and energy and the V92 is right on the beat, whether making snaky, shallow slalom turns in rapid succession or popping off a hard edge set. It always manages to feel natural, balanced and with you all the way through a big-bellied arc.

Real Skiers

As we have said with the other Liberty VMTs, Liberty was the surprise of the show for us. The Vertical Metal Technology (VMT) created a pop that I had never really felt in its skis before. Liberty also moved from a 100% bamboo core to a mixture of bamboo and poplar (and carbon), which allows the ski to stay quieter on the snow. All of this together creates a design that works.

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