Origin 106  - 2020
Origin 106  - 2020

Origin 106 - 2020

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Charging big-mountain lines but still want a performance driven ski for low tide days? With our signature bamboo, poplar, and carbon fiber construction, the Origin106 is ready to crush whatever you’re feeling.

| Tech Specs |

SIZES    171, 176, 182, 187cm

DIMENSIONS    138-106-128 @182cm

RADIUS     20m @182cm 

WEIGHT     1975g @182cm  


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Liberty Skis Origin 106 Freeride, All-Mountain, and Powder Ski
Liberty Skis Origin 106 Freeride, All-Mountain, and Powder Ski
Liberty Skis Origin 106 Freeride, All-Mountain, and Powder Ski
Liberty Skis Bomb Rocker Profile

Rocker Profile

Core Profile

Liberty Skis Core Profile Speedcore Carbon

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Customer Reviews

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Industry Reviews

A Better Ski

This may be my favorite ski to recommend for the one-ski-quiver for skiers out west. I know that most anyone who gets on it will feel super comfortable and have a smile from ear to ear each time he/she rides it. Full review here

Ski Magazine

Several testers agreed that the Origin 106 is a “great quiver of one for Western skiers.” With versatile all-mountain dimensions, a solid rocker profile, carbon stringers, and ABS sidewalls, the 106 is “really balanced and fun, with enough chops to push into the unknown,” said a CB- based tester. It took more effort to edge than the Origin 96, but “always had plenty of power in reserve.” “More of a charger than a playful, nimble ski. Full review here

Backcountry Magazine

Like a brick house—they mighty, mighty let it all hang out. Crazy light for the performance they deliver. This is a one-wolf pack you want to run; amaze-balls stable for the ample tip and tail rise. Like Ricky Bobby, they were born to go fast. Full review here

Freeskier Magazine

You’ll be aptly liberated with a pair of Liberty Origin 106’s under your feet. This ski earned praise for its playfulness, pop and float— making it ideal for the shredder who loves to jump off of damn near everything in sight. Testers summed up this playfulness with descriptors like “snappy,” “high- energy” and “floaty." Full review here

Blister Gear

The new ski performs better in every regard on firm snow, and I still think it’s one of the surfier / looser ~105mm-wide skis out there. So kudos to Liberty for managing to preserve much of what made the original Origin 106 stand out, while making it perform notably better where the old ski fell short.

Mtn Weekly

Every tour, I look forward to the turns to come as I strap on the skins. I feel at one with Liberty’s Origin 106 Ski and know what it’s going to do almost before I ask. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for that quiver of one.