Helix 98  - 2020
Helix 98  - 2020

Helix 98 - 2020

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Offered in a versatile 98mm waist, and retaining the do-anything DNA of its award-winning predecessor, the Helix98 is a one-ski wrecking machine. Versatile, energetic, and stable, the Helix98 features easy turn initiation and floatation with control from our signature bamboo and poplar core. Crush the entire mountain with performance and a grin. 

| Tech Specs |

SIZES    165, 172, 179, 186cm

DIMENSIONS    133-98-121 @179cm

RADIUS     17m @165cm, 18m @172cm, 19.5m @179cm, 21m @186cm 

WEIGHT     1850g @179cm  


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Liberty Skis Helix 98 All-Mountain, All-Terrain, Park Ski
Liberty Skis Helix 98 All-Mountain, All-Terrain, Park Ski
Liberty Skis Helix 98 All-Mountain, All-Terrain, Park Ski
Liberty Skis Stealth Rocker Profile

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Core Profile

Liberty Skis Core Profile Speedcore

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Customer Reviews

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Industry Reviews

Blister Gear

"The Helix is a bit stiffer throughout than the Origin, and its less-tapered shape feels a bit more engaging on firm snow. The Helix's twinned tail and versatility when it comes to stance (centered and forward) also makes it an appealing option as a supportive freestyle ski."


The Helix is 100% a very versatile ski. The Helix 98mm is the perfect ski for the everyday variable conditions that the east coast will throw at you: hardpacked ice one day and the seven inches of snow the next and lots of park sessions. I personally loved the Helix for my aggressive ski style and I really enjoyed the wider 98mm platform because it gave me more ski to work with on rails. The stiff camber allowed me to charge jumps, with the super low swing weight made it easy to go big & spin fast. The hint of rocker felt great too when carving trails and skiing slushy days. I had great luck with durability too. In fact, I enjoyed these skis so much so that I made them my Editors’ Pick for the park.

A Better Ski

If you’ve read through my profile you know that I love to ride all over the mountain and there’s not a whole lot of terrain or conditions that I won’t ski in on a regular basis. I need a very versatile ski that can take me anywhere on the mountain at any given time.  For me, the Liberty Helix is a ski that could definitely fill that niche.


Tester: Dean Spirito

It is fast, playful, and a ton of fun all over the mountain. The thing that impresses me most is its flex pattern. Bamboo makes for a fantastic core; it is easy to bend but always comes back. This is what makes the ski feel so stable at speed, despite being relatively soft with generous rise in the tip and tail. The Helix 98 is extremely versatile and would make for a great one-ski quiver.