Origin 90 - 2019
Origin 90 - 2019

Origin 90 - 2019

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The Origin90 is focused on the fall line, but will still loosen up enough to play in the bumps or venture off groomed terrain. With lower tip rocker but the same energetic Speedcore/Carbon construction, the NEW Origin90 is an even better choice for those wanting a ski that can do it all from east to west.

| Tech Specs |

SIZES    165, 172, 179, 186cm

DIMENSIONS    126-90-112 @172cm

RADIUS     15m @165cm, 16.5m @172cm, 17.5m @179cm, 18.5m @186cm  

WEIGHT     1650g @172cm  

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Liberty Skis Origin 90 Frontside, All-Mountain, and All-Terrain Ski
Liberty Skis Origin 90 Frontside, All-Mountain, and All-Terrain Ski
Liberty Skis Origin 90 Frontside, All-Mountain, and All-Terrain Ski
Liberty Skis Stealth Rocker Profile

Rocker Profile

Core Profile


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Customer Reviews

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Industry Reviews

Yellow Gentian

This Origin has well above average edge grip, and excellent carving characteristics, which are common traits in the Liberty line of skis I have reviewed in the past, including the current Origin 96. I could induce some chatter, when I pushed the ski past it's 17.5m turn radius on firm conditions, with high edge angles, but it's progressive edge engagement made this easy to control. Full review here


The new Liberty Origin 90 makes a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier looking for smooth skiing and stability on the front side of the mountain with the ability to head into the bowls and trees sometimes. The 90mm waist of the Origin feels nimble and quick edge to edge with enough surface area to keep you on top of some fresh snow or plow through crud. Full review here

Exotic Skis

The 90 is a scaled-down, grippier and more carvy version of the 96. The Origin 90 would be a really friendly ride for most frontside, resort-lift terrain where people don't want 95+ underfoot. I would have no problem using the Origin 90 as a daily resort driver out west...possibly in the East with a tight tune job. The Origin 90 has a really nice grip on groomers when placed into high-angle situations, and has a nice turn shape, and skis a bit longer feeling than the 96 due to the higher degree of rocker-feel in the 96 on-edge.

Gear Institute

Liberty’s new Origin 90 delivers a forgiving flex and shape that is solid at all speeds and easy to initiate. The ski is best off-piste, where the mix of poplar and bamboo wood core mixed with carbon fiber provides a great all-mountain performance for the kind of conditions the majority of West Coast and Rocky Mountain skiers can expect to find during a typical day on the lifts. Full review here

Ski Essentials

The Liberty Origin 90 is an awesome all mountain ski that is very versatile. Liberty designs this ski to perform really well on groomers, in the trees, in the moguls, and everywhere in between. The 90 mm waist width is genuinely versatile. It's quick edge to edge on firm snow while still providing the float and stability necessary for skiing more variable snow conditions and trickier terrain. Full review here

Pug Ski

Tester: Ron

The Origin 90 didn't disappoint. This ski is just pure all-mountain fun. What makes this ski so much fun is its energy and pop. This ski also is quite damp. Yep, I could own this ski for days when I just wanted to bomb around the mountain in soft snow with a big grin on my face.