Liberty Skis

Have you ever dreamed of working in the action sports industry? Although it is a lot of hard work, it is the best way to earn a living we have found, and it is how we live our lives whether we are getting paid for it or not. We freeze our hands turning screws in the snow, we stay up for 36 hours getting ready for trade shows, drive long distances, and constantly strive to get better at what we do, making great skis. However, we also get to test new powder ski designs, go to great events, travel, ski, and meet many of the amazing people in this industry. If this sounds like you, maybe there is a place for you at Liberty Skis.

Liberty Skis was started by a small group of riders with a set of ideas about both twin-tip and single-tip skis that perform at the highest level, and that also tread lightly on the planet. Liberty was the first (and is still the only) ski company to use bamboo cores in every ski, and we lead the way by being the first ski company to use 100% windpower for all of our electricity needs. All of this is nice, but wouldn’t mean anything if our skis didn’t rip. They do. Just pick up any ski magazine, or ask anyone who rides Liberty. There is a reason that we are most award-winningest independent ski company.

Many of our interns go on to careers in the action sports world, or just have a great time and an experience they won’t forget. A few even impressed us so much that we found positions for them here at Liberty. If you are hard-working, have a good sense of humor and understand what it means to be a skier, keep reading.


Liberty is always looking for talented interns. Applicants must understand that all intern positions are unpaid, but if you are a college student, your school should provide you with college credit. Some positions require travel or portions of the internship to be spent here in CO. Other positions can be fulfilled remotely. If interested, please check below for available positions. Please check our website often to see what positions are available, as these come up from time to time depending on our needs. A cover letter and resume listing applicable skills and areas of interest should be sent to jobs@libertyskis.com to be considered for any internship.

Available Internship Positions:

Winter High Season
Duration: 6-8 weeks depending on applicant, snow and travel conditions.

Dates: Dec 1 – Feb 28

College Break
Duration: 4-ish weeks coincident with your school’s “Jan-Plan”

Duration: As long as we can keep you.

International Sales
Duration: 6-8 weeks

Dates: Dec 15- March 15

Prerequisite Skills: Applicant must have a strong work ethic, good communication skills and willingness to adapt to a wide variety of tasks. Applicant should be willing to travel, and have an interest and working knowledge of global ski culture. Must have a good sense of humor. Proficiency in additional languages a plus. Those interested should email a cover letter and resume to jobs@libertyskis.com.


Please do not send any request or submission prior to reviewing this link: libertyskis.com/sponsorship