Bamboo laminated with poplar for light weight, durability, and liveliness.


Poplar and wider, centered bamboo laminates for extra pop and durability.


Extra bamboo laminates and a Titanal layer for power, damping, and edge hold.

Bomb Rocker features full tip and tail rocker with slight positive camber underfoot for maximum flotation and playful feel.

  • Effortless float
  • Easy to pivot/spin
  • Smooth and playful
  • Varied turn shape

Stealth Rocker is long, low tip rocker with camber under foot and a flat tail for easy turn initiation without sacrificing edge grip and liveliness.

  • No dive/no catch tip
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Flotation with control
  • Easy turn entry

Hammer Rocker has very low rise tip rocker, combined with camber back to the tail for amazing edge grip with easy turn entry and floatation.

  • More effective edge
  • Stable and predictable
  • Increased versatility
  • Powerful turn exit

Classic Camber creates tip and tail pressure for maximum edge grip and energy return.

  • Powerful edge grip
  • Energy return
  • Stability and precision
  • Quick turn entry