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A PERENNIAL FAVORITE, the Helix is back, now with carbon fiber. We ratcheted up the already impressive performance spectrum of the Helix and kept the weight down with a full length carbon fiber layer. With enough width to float, the torsional rigidity to carve, Stealth Rocker for easy turn initiation, and low swing weight, the Helix is the perfect all mountain ski.
167 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-123
Radius(m): 19.5
Weight(g): 1700
176 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-122
Radius(m): 22
Weight(g): 1875
182 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-122
Radius(m): 24
Weight(g): 1950
187 Dimensions(mm): 135-105-122
Radius(m): 25.5
Weight(g): 2050
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Bamboo laminated with poplar for light weight, durability, and liveliness.

Laminated bamboo gives tremendous rebound and energy while being environmentally friendly.
Fast and durable sintered base from the industry leaders.
Our specially treated HRC 48 edges feature a wider profile with larger anchors for greater durability and longer life.
A poly-urethane bumper to smooth out the ride and protect against topsheet chipping.
Our custom weave fiberglass creates tremendous torsional stability while allowing easy longitudinal flex to initiate turns and absorb terrain. While more expensive than other bi and tri- directional weaves, it enables us to fine tune the flex characteristics of each ski.
Fiber Reinforced Polymer - We use mats of this dense material under the binding area to increase screw retention and add rigidity.
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Stealth Rocker is long, low tip rocker with camber under foot and a flat tail for easy turn initiation without sacrificing edge grip and liveliness.

“There are a ton of good all-rounders these days but the Helix is one of the few that gets the job done everywhere from the pow to the steeps to the park.”
    -Powder Magazine

"This is probably one of the classic and best-loved freeride 100-110mm (+-) waisted skis in existence.  I have never heard anyone say they did not like it."                                    

“This is the ski that does it all. I have skied all condition with these skis and have not been let down. They continue to impress me with willingness to adapt and overcome variable conditions. A hard charging ski through and through.”
    –Brian Hopper,

“I was looking for a little wider ski for better float in the powder, but not crazy wide. At 105 under foot, this ski is perfect. I've been amazed at the ride over all surfaces and conditions.”
    –EVO Customer

"I love the Helix. It is a ski that I could take out in Colorado everyday. In fact I have a hard time using anything else. At 105 underfoot it is a true quiver of one. When there is fresh snow it floats like a dream, in the crud it powers through anything and on the hard pack I can still rail gs turns. Also not being too oversized and with a twin tip I can bring it into the park and not skip a beat. And as always with Liberty the graphics are killer. Half the battle is looking good anyway."

    – Customer

“Holds an edge on ice and handles excellent in powder.” 

    – Customer

“These have become my daily tele drivers. They've been remarkably fun on hardpack and also hold their own in both powder and chopped up powder.”
    – Customer

“They ski great, handle speed, turn quite nicely and float just like I would expect them to.”
    – Customer

“This ski does it all and is so stable that even icy hard pack is traversable in control. I never thought such a wide ski could be so versatile.”
    – Customer

The Liberty Difference.


At Liberty, we make skis like our lives depend on them.  Every ski is designed and tested in the heart of the Colorado mountains.  We start with the best materials from around the world, hand-build each pair, and back them with the best warranty in the business.  Our goal is to make the best skis possible, treat our customers like our ski partners, and continue to do what we love. 

Design philosophy

Liberty has won awards from every major ski publication over the last ten years, but more importantly, has won the trust of countless skiers across the globe.  We design skis based on the concept of functional innovation.  This simply means we don’t add materials or features to our skis unless they improve the ski experience on snow. Our innovations are not included for marketing purposes, but because they will help you ski better, longer and faster in real world conditions.  In ski design, simple, strong, and light leads to the best products.  


We use the best materials available from around the world, and we never stop looking for ways to improve our skis. Every component we use in our skis is there because we believe it is the best answer to a specific design challenge.  We use bamboo because it is the lightest, most durable, and most responsive core material available.  We use UHMW PE for our sidewalls because it absorbs impact better than ABS and leads to a smooth ride at higher speeds.  Our bases are P-Tex 2000, 4000, and 4000 Electra, because they are the highest quality, fastest bases made.  All edges are custom made in Germany with a wider profile, larger anchors, and 2 different hardness ratings to be the most durable for their intended purpose.  Liberty uses a unique quadaxial S-Glass for our glass fiber, adding another axis of torsional reinforcement compared to most materials.  Additional vibration reduction, and top edge durability is provided by a Durathane polyurethane layer not found in other skis.  We use Titanal and FRP mats for additional stiffness and binding screw retention because they are the best materials to use in those applications.  

Liberty skis feel different, because they are different.  We are not just another brand at some big factory.  Look at the materials in most skis, and you will find the same stuff the major brand that owns the factory uses.  There is no difference in design, or materials, from brand to brand.   We are free to experiment and use whatever works best, without regard to what others are doing.  

More about Bamboo

Liberty is the market leader in bamboo technology, and we use this tough, eco-friendly material in all our skis.  Liberty has been designing skis around our resilient and light bamboo laminate cores for more than ten years, and even though many companies have followed our lead, we remain the bamboo experts.  

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, and can be sustainably harvested without killing the entire organism.  The roots stay in the ground when the top is cut; they help control erosion, and then sprout again, to be harvested in 3-5 years.  This leaves the forest canopy intact, helps sequester carbon, and creates a sustainable cycle for our raw materials.  On top of the environmental benefits, bamboo also happens to make a great ski core.  Bamboo has a tensile strength that rivals that of steel, and a very high coefficient of restitution, meaning that it will snap back to its’ original shape time after time.  That is why our skis have such an energetic, lively feel.  


We work with our partners because they are the best at what they do.  It is that simple.  We believe we make the best skis on the planet, and want our customers to have the best accessories to match their Liberty skis.  

Tyrolia makes our bindings, and they are the largest binding brand in the world, with unsurpassed quality, safety, and performance.  They are great at what they do, and listened to our requests for a new freeride style A/T binding with low ramp angle, pole control mode adjustment, and high DIN.  The Adrenalin is the best freeride A/T binding you can buy.   

Komperdell makes some of the most innovative and highest tech ski poles in the world.  We partnered with them to produce our super light bamboo and carbon fiber pole, a filament –wound pole that is nearly unbreakable, and a new adjustable A/T pole.  We don’t make any standard aluminum tubes, but 3 different poles that each answers a specific need for our customers.  

Look for a new concept in climbing skins, coming soon from Liberty!


You won’t find wizards or pistols on our skis, just original artwork by people who actually live in the mountains.  We work with our artists to create images that are evocative of the alpine experience, and that are also nice to look at when they emerge from the powder.  We sublimate or direct print the images into the backside of the topsheet to ensure the artwork looks good, year after year.  

Final Word

We appreciate all the support over the last 10 years.  We have had a lot of fun, and learned some things along the way.  We hope to see you in the mountains soon, and we hope you will continue to trust us to make equipment for those epic days when we feel most alive.  At Liberty, we make skis like our lives depend on them, because they do.  Thanks.