How can I demo your amazing skis?

Many of our dealers carry Liberty demo skis. For a complete list of dealers near you, please see our Dealer Page found here: http://libertyskis.com/dealers
Another way to try our skis is to come see us at one of our Demo Tour Stops where we provide free demos to the public. For a list of Demo Tour Stops, please check out our blog, where we will feature demo tour stops. We update this page as the schedule changes, so be sure to check the schedule frequently on the Liberty Skis Blog

How can I receive free stickers from Liberty?

We would love to have every Liberty fan receive free stickers. You can either email stickers@libertyskis.com with your name and address, or if you want a lot of stickers, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Liberty Skis – Free Stickers
PO Box 4555
Avon, CO 81620
The more stamps you put on the return envelope, the more stickers you shall receive!

What is Liberty’s Warranty Policy?

Liberty has the best warranty in the ski industry, bar none. We offer an unprecedented 3 year warranty on our skis. Please go to our warranty page to find out more: http://libertyskis.com/warranty

How do I become a sponsored Liberty athlete?

We have many qualified applicants every season. Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor every person that applies as there are extremely limited spots, and very often (most of the time) none available at all. However, if you believe you have the skill set to represent Liberty, please visit this page.

What are Liberty’s factory edge bevels?

All of our skis come from our factory with a 1 degree base and 2 degree side bevels.

Where should I mount my new Liberty Skis?

All Liberty models are designed to be mounted on the Standard line, which is the furthest back mounting mark. This puts the skier in the sweet spot of the ski, which is the center of the sidecut and camber section, and allows for the best balance of being able to make a carve and float in the powder. Of course, skiers are individuals with various skiing styles. We only recommend going more forward of the Standard line if you ride switch or spin off features. Going more forward will allow for a more “pivoty” feel and allow the skier to ride switch easier, but he or she will lose some of the ability to ski in a more traditional, forward manner.